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Castle 8×13 ‘And Justice For All’: A nice message with an ok execution

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I loved the message of this episode. Positively, absolutely. It was great that the lives of immigrants were brought to our attention, especially in the environment of hate and fear that we are currently living in. But even with all the niceness of that final scene, and the laughs before it, I just didn’t care for this episode.

I can’t really put my finger on what annoyed me about this episode, but maybe it was the whole almost flippant way as serious issue was handled.

This show just doesn’t know if it wants to be serious or a comedy anymore, and it’s really starting to grate on my nerves.

And as I’ve written before, I enjoy the lighter moments, like Castle pretending he was Canadian French, and Hayley pretending to shoot Castle, and the whole not understanding that English guy was funny, and when the entire ESL class went in on the diversion it was a hoot, but it just seemed kind of off-putting that these funny elements were trying to mix with the serious topic of immigrant opportunities in America, and the people who try to stop them from living here, or stop them from living in general.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

That situation is not a joke, at all, but it seemed as if the lighter moments of this episode were overshadowing that fact, and it wasn’t until Martha’s beautiful speech at the end did we get a sense of what this episode was actually trying to do.

It did succeed in garnering sympathy for the ESL students, especially when they helped catch the judge, but I don’t think the episode got the gravity that it might have wanted.

Again, I really don’t know where this show is going anymore so it’s kind of hard to say what it was trying to shoot for with this episode.

What I did like about this episode was that it set us up for next week’s episode, and that we’ll finally, FINALLY figure out what else Castle was up to when he completely forgot a few months of his life.

All in all, while I did enjoy parts of this episode, I think in full it fell flat, so here’s hoping for next week!

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