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Castle 8×09 ‘Tone Death’: Not enough singing

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I appreciate the effort, but this is not the musical episode I’ve been looking for. Well, except for Espo’s silky smooth stylins as he harmonized with Corbin Bleu. I mean I could have watched that for an hour and would have been completely happy, but no there was a plot in this episode, and the jury is still out on whether I really liked it or not.

Of course it was hilarious. Castle, fallin all over the place, trying to beat box, and failing to find a suspect who was simply behind the couch was all so beautifully Inspector Clouseau like that if they ever did another re-boot of the Pink Panther, Fillion would be a shoo-in.

And let’s not forget how knee slapping funny Ryan and Espo’s misdirected anger and befuddlement over Caskett’s relationship is like any bumbling sidekicks in any comedy show or movie. Add that in with the fact that Kate actually looked like she wanted to be a part of the show, and you got a lovely, goofy episode.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

That’s why I’m a little mad. The show is a circus, plain and simple. The problems of the characters acting like caricatures that happened in the beginning of the season is still going strong, and it seems like they think the more wacky and out of character they make the cast, the more we’ll love and adore and save them from the cancellation lurking around the corner.

Yes, it was cute and funny, and I loved the fact that we got to see Martha actually help solve a part of the crime along with getting to hear her beautiful voice at the beginning of the episode, but besides that, this episode had no substance.

All the life that these wonderfully depth-filled characters had has been replaced with slapstick and cliché. Even though it was entertaining and filled with sweet kisses and witticisms from our favorite lovers everything that they seemingly have gone through and have been fighting for has been turned into a sitcom that someone might binge ten years down the road when it’s long over, and forget about it the next day.

I hate ragging on Castle, I really do, but enough is enough. Whatever it was that the show had when it started is now completely gone. All we can hope for is that we’ll at least get a satisfying ending to this season, and hopefully not have to go through another painfully awkward one next year.

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  • Jeannie Hill

    It seems like all the new sitcoms, etc. airing now are ridiculously slapstick and stupid. It seems the Castle writers are turning in this direction and getting away from real stories and real emotion that were abundant in the first several seasons! They need to wake up!