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Castle 8×08 ‘Mr. & Mrs. Castle’: The king of the LOCKSAT

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I am so confused when it comes to the LOCKSAT, but nothing matters because Caskett is together again, and we can all be happy, right? Right?!

Weeeeelll, kind of. I think I’ve said it more than anyone, but God help me, I need to say it again: I hate this LOCKSAT subplot. It’s convoluted, involves characters that we haven’t heard about in more than a year, involves characters that I couldn’t even remember from the same damn episode, and goes around in so many circles that I don’t think the writers even understand what exactly the mystery is.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

And you know what? I swear to God that they are doing this because whoever LOCKSAT turns out to be is going to be some huge, unrealistic dramatic twist, and at this point I’d even go so far to say that it’s her freakin mother because it wouldn’t shock me if the show decided to cash in on that dramatic irony.

Did we even get an answer to whom that chick’s killer was? Does it even matter? No, which makes the LOCKSAT scenario even more useless. The way I see it is that LOCKSAT was shoved into the plot just so Castle and Beckett had a BS reason to separate because that’s supposed to create dramatic tension. And for the most part it does. I have not seen one happy camper because of the split, and that’s what they wanted.

The thing is, I’m unhappy about the split because this plot device has been done to death, especially in these types of “real life” dramatic shows. It’s kind of like how in sci-fi/fantasy/horror shows where a character just suddenly goes “dark,” and their loved one is now faced with finding a way to cure them, or kill them. It might not always make sense to the plot, but hell if it’s not the most dramatic thing you’ll ever see.

This show’s main plot this season has just been one needless trope and having Castle only get mad at Kate for TWO scenes was even more a waste of time.

At least they tried to explain away the glaringly obvious thing that this intelligent Captain could have done, which is JUST FREAKING TELL CASTLE THE TRUTH FROM DAY ONE, and I guess it fits in with Kate’s ever constant arc about her brokenness, and obsession over her mother’s death, but the whole thing irks me to no end.

But at least their separation is over, but oh, they’ll probably have to lie about being back together, and for some reason that reminds me of something that already happened on this show. Hmm, sounds like the entirety of season 5. Weird.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The most enjoyable parts of this episode (yes there were some) were pretty much every moment Castle and Beckett were together, especially on the cruise ship, and the hacking scene was probably my favorite scene of the entire season. Not just because I both enjoy Hayley and Vikram immensely, and they definitely don’t get enough screen time, but that call between Caskett when they’re trying to figure out what both of them knew about the other was just beautiful.

They really do work so well together.

All in all, I’m just happy Caskett is up and running again and I’m going to conveniently forget that they were ever apart in the first place. So see you in February, you crazy, kinky, love bugs. And lay off the LOCKSAT, will ya?

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  • numpty

    I’m happy about them splitting up. Should never have got together in the first place, it’s just been Moonlighting fiasco all over again.