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Castle 8×06 ‘Cool Boys’: Unsolicited advice from Ethan Slaughter

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You know you really can’t spell slaughter without laughter, and we did get a lot of giggles last night. Actually, it might have been a little too funny. Does this show have a plot anymore?

God help me, I really can’t tell if I’m just getting nitpicky at this point, or this show is just harboring more bad traits than good ones. Not only was a main character missing (why the hell was she in a different country?), but all of the goofy jokes, and ridiculous plot points that really worked for pretty much the last five episodes are getting a little stale.

I want “wickedly witty, and self-assured” Castle, not “constantly pining for Kate” Castle. Slaughter (whom I missed terribly) pretty much said the same thing to Castle. Castle needs to just stop Kate, and make her come clean because even when her sub-plot isn’t actually a part of the episode, it still fills me with rage.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Also, can we slow it down on the two stooges act with Ryan and Espo? I love that they are getting more screen time than ever, but there was a time (a year ago) that they had episodes centered on them and they were actually serious. I know that those two have basically been the comic relief from episode one, but they are slowly and surely wandering into caricature territory when we’ve already established that they have characters that are more than just constantly hilariously confused and hilariously angry.

Slaughter was the obvious highlight of the episode because even though his character is forever going to be funny, he actually showed more sides to himself than pretty much all of the main characters combined. And the last scene with Lucas was actually heartwarming, and not made into some kind of goofy joke.

Don’t get me wrong, the episode was entertaining, but anymore it just doesn’t feel like I’m watching the same characters anymore, just the shallow thought of them.

All in all, I’m still glad that the show is funny, but I somehow miss their special “serious” episodes, and that kind of worries me.

But if we are going to keep on with the “funny” theme, can we please just have a musical episode already?!

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