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Castle 8×04 ‘What Lies Beneath’: Why didn’t you tell him?!

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You had the chance. It was right there, and you could have totally told him the truth! You’re not saving anyone, girl. You’re just hurting each other at this point and it is making me so sad. Get it together Beckett!

Besides Beckett just not making any sense at all, this episode was fantastic for all of the same reasons it was last week.

The writing is sharper, the plots are thicker, and the characters are all getting to shine as much as possible. Well, all except Beckett.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Her story line is still so contrived, and still so confusing that I don’t even want to get into it this time because it’ll just take away from everything good that happened in this episode.

Which included a whole lot of lying. I mean if I was a pathological liar I would claim to be both a famous author and an Irish mobster at the same time because that’s kind of cool. Well, it’s cool until a hitman almost kills you, and then your wife who thought she was going to be rich also found out that you were a liar pants, and murders the hell out of you. That’s when things go a little south.

I love that even though these episodes are funny they aren’t a rehash of old plot lines, or just a jumble of sub-par tropes and clichés. The stories are strange and clever, and handled super well.

Even the sub plots with Ryan Espo are handled gracefully. When never get to see those two truly argue and get mad at each other, and it was incredibly funny and well done, fitting right into the main theme of the episode nicely. Of course those two couldn’t stay mad at each other for long even if Ryan told a little lie about the test. Although now that he is being a bigger liar since he’s Castle’s mole I wonder how angry Espo and Captain Beckett for that matter are going to get when they inevitably find out.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Castle is anything if not wily, so he’ll probably talk and or buy his way out of any trouble. This was perfectly exemplified this week as shown by the fact that he wiggled his way back into the precinct and is so close to wiggling back into Beckett’s arms. His persistence is teetering a little bit towards the pathetic side, but since he is so clever and charming, it hasn’t hit that sad wall just yet.

I mean, it’ll definitely happen soon and this whole thing is going to blow up right in Beckett’s face, but you know what, I won’t be sad about it. I’m super mad at her decision making right now, and I hate to say that she kind of deserves it. But I do hope that it doesn’t get to that because Castle’s loyalty is adorable as all hell.

All in all besides the sub plot that should not be named, we had another solid and fun episode from Castle and I’m happy that there are going to be more in the same vein as this one.

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