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Castle 8×02 ‘XX’: You just want me to be depressed

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What the heck, Beckett?! Why are you giving up your life for this? I mean, I get it, you want to get rid of your demons once and for all, but why?! Urgh, this show. Although, this episode was surprisingly well-done, I am not ecstatic about that ending.

I was hazy on what LOCKSAT was throughout the entire episode, but I knew it was bad and had to do with our favorite senator Bracken. So of course Beckett had to figure it all out because I’m finding that her character is super masochistic sometimes, and for some reason blames the whole thing with her team getting wiped out on herself.

Then again, she did put in a search for Bracken while she was in DC, and it did lead to finding his memo, including the LOCKSAT name, and that did get everyone killed. But it’s not like she knew it was going to happen, or that Bracken has powerful and deadly co-conspirator. There’s honestly no reason she should blame, and or punish herself by not being happy with her husband.

Okay, so I kind of get her reason for leaving because she hates putting Castle in danger constantly, but he knew what he was getting into, and made that choice on his own as she made her own choices to work in DC and try to piece together her mother’s death.

If you hadn’t noticed the whole ending just kind of annoyed me as whole because of this decision. I know Beckett is trying to stop Bracken’s partner, but I need a better reason than because she’s “obsessed” with bringing this person to justice.

Honestly it doesn’t even look like she’s trying to do this for the greater good, but because she has her own vendetta that could possibly get more people killed. Not to mention she broke Castle’s heart so hard that he’s just going to let that s’morelette burn down the apartment.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I know this is a dramatic moment and all, but get a freakin fire extinguisher.

You know the realism factor that I was talking about last week? Yeah, that’s completely gone now, so I give up. I’m not going to take this show seriously anymore, and I’m just going to go with it. Next week Castle is going to try and win Beckett back by being quirky and adorable, and I kind of need that in my life right now to wash out the bad taste of melodrama.

Besides the ending, this episode was actually really well done. Yeah, I had to look up a recap of what happened because I got confused on the whole LOCKSAT and Bracken memo thing, but I did love the way the story from Beckett’s point of view was told, and that in itself didn’t get confusing, but flowed nicely between past and real time.

I especially loved the scene with Hayley and Alexis watching the security footage of Vikram as he downloads the memo.

Actually every scene with Hayley and Alexis was golden, and I want them to have spinoff show immediately.

Oh, and that ending in Castle’s office completely took the cake for me. Not only was Javie and Ryan saving the day by hiding in the secret room beautiful, Castle was so badass with that desk gun and so proud of himself when Vik told him he was cool since we know that is all Castle ever wants to be.

All in all there were a lot of great moments in this episode, and I hoped that it would pull the show together, but sadly we’re left to face the harsh non-reality of a Caskett split-up.

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