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Castle 7×22 ‘Dead From New York’: Model cops in heels kicking down doors

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That’s all I really wanted to see in this episode and it was exactly what I got. Oh, and it was also a pretty good episode too, yeah. Calm before the storm of the finale is more like it. It was fun though, and while the whole Carly Rae Jepson thing threw me for a bit and got that song stuck in my head again, I loved watching Beckett and Castle dance outside the shower.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

My absolute favorite part of the episode was not the murder; I actually didn’t really care about that. I only cared about Martha and her first line. While Castle’s relationship with his daughter is beyond adorable, the relationship between Castle and his mom was what built the show up in its beginning seasons. After the years of craziness between Castle and Beckett finally professing their love for each other, right up until their marriage, we only ever got brief scenes with Martha, and not many of them were focused on mother and son.

So I was a little ecstatic that they got to have the best heart to heart in history, and that he called her ‘amazeballs.’ If there is going to be a next season, please, for the love of God, give these two a little more time together! They’re just so good and fun, and just a perfect family.

I also think Jaleel White needs to come back at some point, and basically the whole SNT cast because they were hilarious. With Jaleel going crazy and Castle loving it, the model cop trying to nail down Beckett’s ‘strange gait,’ and Danny Valentine hitting so hard on Beckett that she twirls her hair, it was fantastic.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The only problem that I really had with this episode was that the mystery took up too much room. Not that it’s not supposed to, that is the point of this show, but it just felt like it was trying to be a serious crime set in an extremely not serious environment. And it wasn’t even that interesting a mystery either. It just didn’t feel like it fit, or was that closely connected with the atmosphere that the episode was trying to obtain.

Although I honestly would have loved the episode if they just did a whole bunch of skits and had Castle and Beckett crash at the last second with a cameo of Martha’s ‘amazeballs’ performance.

All in all, I definitely enjoyed the characters more this episode than the actual mystery, but there were so many great moments that the sub-plots made up for what the main plot lacked.

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