Castle 7×21 ‘In Plane Sight’: Giving a new meaning to the mile high club

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Not really, I just don’t have many witty, plane related jokes, and they already took the snake one. I did add ‘motherflying’ to my vocabulary though, and I plan(e) to use it. See what I mean about the jokes? I had better stick to the reviewing part.

This episode tooootally made up for last week. The mystery alone was a pulse pounder, and it was also pretty sad. I thought that something was going to happen to flight attendant Debbie before the big reveal just because Alexis was talking to her, and we were getting to know more about her character. Honestly though, I thought she was the one who was going to get shot, but that was such a good twist.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I felt bad for her. Of course, I feel even worse for the Air Marshal who was killed, but she really got screwed over by a notoriously bad airline. It was great how all the clues were hinted at from the beginning, like with the angry passenger (whose character would have been funnier if he was actually a well-known actor), and flight attendant Jim mentioning all of Oceanic’s cutbacks.

I was also really happy that for once it wasn’t a terrorist attack, or a disgruntled girlfriend/ former employee getting her revenge. They were great red herrings just for the reason that they would be obvious suspects.

But it was Alexis’ intervention when Debbie pointed that gun at her that really stood out for me. First, because Debbie’s story was kind of sad, I mean her life was basically centered around that airline, and the company that she devoted 30 years of her life to wasn’t even going to repay her for it. That has to suck. Then, to listen to Alexis talk her down by telling her that killing and stealing are not who she is made it even sadder, and also showed just how grown up Alexis really is.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I love that because we constantly have big daddy Castle protecting Alexis at all times when she has proven that she can handle huge things. I do hope that she wants to make a career as a detective or something along those lines because she’d be awesome at it.

Honestly, how could she miss though? While Castle’s methods aren’t always sane, they do work, and I still love when his harebrained ideas are right. Also, when he grabbed all of those little drinks from the cart I laughed a little too hard.

I loved all of it, and when Beckett watched to see if her family (who opted to spend the night together) landed safely in England, I thought that was so cute, and I’m just glad this show exists.

All in all, great episode and a total improvement, and next week’s also looks like it’ll be really good.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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