Castle 7×19 ‘Habeas Corpse’: I need an entire musical episode now | Gotta Watch It!

Castle 7×19 ‘Habeas Corpse’: I need an entire musical episode now

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With a Ryan and Espo dance number, of course. How much fun was it last night? Certainly because this episode was so light and enjoyable, the next one is going to be pretty brutal. It was all worth it to hear Castle and Beckett’s shower routine though.

It’s a lot better than mine, I’ll tell you that. And how can they dance in the shower? I almost broke my neck trying to shave my legs the other day.

Honestly, did anyone pay attention to anything else in this episode besides the dancing and singing parts?

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I was hoping Gates would bust a move, or belt out of tune, but just as Castle said: ‘I just always assumed it was because she was genetically incapable of it.’

It was so much fun though, and extremely needed after all the heavier episodes we had after the mid-season break.

I love when a show portrays different sides to their characters, so while Ryan threatened to shoot his brother-in-law last week, he still had the ability to bust a move this week. Same goes for Espo. He knows how to run down any man, and he is fiercely loyal, but hell if he did not look smooth shaking what his mama gave him. People have facets to their personalities, and I love that this show always searches for these facets with the cast.

Especially when it’s surprising, like with Castle and Beckett. Of course, Castle would want to do a talent show because he likes attention and is pretty competitive. Now while Beckett is extremely secure with herself, as the straight woman to Castle’s kookiness, she, unlike him doesn’t search for the limelight, and is actually afraid of it.

While it was surprising that we got to see her private goofiness, and how she can let go and fun, it’s no shock that she’s a gorgeous singer. There is literally nothing Beckett can’t do.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

And then to see Castle sacrifice the limelight because he loves Beckett might have seemed out of character in the earlier seasons, but he’s been willing to die for Beckett on multiple occasions, so that’s a no-brainer now. I love how healthy their marriage is.

While the murder wasn’t really the most entertaining part of the episode (except for the infomercials), it was actually pretty cool. I’m glad the victim didn’t end up being shady, and was trying to atone for something that went against what he believed in. He was trying to help the people who couldn’t afford help, and did it just because he wanted to help. I like that. A lot.

All in all, it was a funny, harebrained, and totally sweet episode, and probably a good one to watch when I’m feeling down. I’m pretty the next episode is going to break me, so I had better start watching this one on a loop, immediately.

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