Castle 7×17 ‘Hong Kong Hustle’: All the girl power in the world couldn’t match this episode

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Butt-kicking, fabulous hair, and emotions coming from all angles. How fantastic was this episode?

I’ll tell you how!

How about that Kate Beckett is no longer portrayed as the only super female detective in the world?

How about how Kate Beckett also portrayed that while she may be the best detective in New York City, she still feels insecurity from time to time?

How about that both women were allowed to not only kill it constantly, but got to show that they are more than crime solvers with pretty faces?

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

In one sentence: This episode was AWESOME!

Even the mystery was full of twists and turns that actually turned out to be one of the saddest confessions on this show, ever. Who gave anyone the right to write that? When Zhang yelled at the killer in her native language and she started to cry, I felt like my heart literally ripped in two.

I could only imagine how terrifying both of those young women’s lives were, and with the killer feeling like she would be separated from the only person she had from home, just made the murder sadder. Not saying that the crime was justifiable. Obviously murder never is and never will be justifiable no matter what the situation, but that was a surprising amount of depth for one of the murderers on this show, and it was fantastically done.

And speaking of what was fantastically done, I loved the relationship between Zhang and Beckett. Yeah, it did start off as sort of a competition, especially with Beckett feeling so self-conscious about how far she’s gotten in life. When she finally saw that Zhang didn’t have that perfect balance between her home and work life, Beckett finally saw her for who she was: Just a normal human being.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The last part of the episode was amazing because Beckett and Zhang make an amazing team, and they’re truly not so different after all. If their roles were reversed, Beckett would have totally fought off a room full of boxers just to get justice for someone she loved. Beckett might have seen herself as being not as successful as Zhang, but even though they both took different paths to get where they were, and even if one had a higher standing job, they really are the same, and I’m glad how they worked together at the end just so we could see how equal they are.

I love that message. I thought Beckett would compete with Zhang the entire time only for one to come out better than the other, but I’m so glad they broke from that troupe and proved that not all strong women fight for dominance.

All in all, this was one of the more fantastic episodes of this season, and I hope Zhang comes back again in the near future.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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