Castle 7×15 ‘Reckoning’: We all knew she was going to survive, but I was still scared

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I even thought that somehow Niemand was able to switch faces with Beckett in the last second, but I figured that even in Castle’s world (where time travel might be real), switching faces in two seconds would be literally impossible. But if they ever wanted the show to end with a bang…

Speaking of bangs, I would never in my wildest dreams think that Richard Castle would pull a gun. I mean he went pretty hard when Alexis was kidnapped, so we know he will tear you apart for the ones he loves. This was so different though.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I don’t know if we’ve been spoiled this season, and just expect Castle to be serious about his work, but to also have that comic relief, but seeing Castle outsmart a serial killer so hard that there was no compromise for Tyson, only death, was such a different side of Castle that was a tad…scary.

Especially at the end when he explained how he completely turned the tables on Tyson. He sounded almost like Tyson himself, so calm, so unnerving. Inside, he was probably freaking out about Beckett, but he didn’t play the game, he made the game his, and took down Tyson like a bad guy in an action movie, monologue and all.

It was cool though, even if it did freak me out a little. This season’s theme has basically been ‘Here’s why we need to give Richard Castle more credit.’ Not only is he smart about the story of crime and it’s inner workings, but he’s a damn genius. And as a writer myself (though not known or wealthy like Castle) it makes me kind of proud that he isn’t just a kooky person with insane ideas that just kind of work out, he actually has substance besides witty one liners. Also, good for you Nathan Fillion for showing that serious dark side of Castle perfectly, I hope we can see even more facets to his character from now on.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Of course when push comes to shove Beckett is always awesome, and the way she escaped and grabbed Niemand’s wrist was a ‘F yeah!’ moment if I ever had one. I’m just glad that these two amazing characters are killin it together, and making some good TV.

Oh, and Castle got his job back. I’m happy about that, yes, but I will really miss Castle the Private Investigator, and he had the nicest office too.

All in all, it was the most nerve-wracking and intense episode even though like in other instances, I knew Castle and Beckett would be safe and sound in bed at the end, albeit a little haunted by the entire experience.

Okay, so we can stop putting these two in danger now, right?

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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