Castle 7×14 ‘Resurrection’: Thank God for flashbacks

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I’m ashamed to say that I completely forgot who 3XK was. And I’m just very upset about everything.

I’m also a little conflicted. This was like one of the best episodes of Castle hands-down, but THIS MY HAPPY SHOW. NO ONE GETS KIDNAPPED IN MY HAPPY SHOW, AND SERIAL KILLERS GET ARRESTED AND PUT AWAY FOREVER IN MY HAPPY SHOW.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I know, I know, I promised I would stop screaming a while ago, but having Beckett talk about babies at the beginning of the episode and then get her kidnapped at the end was totally cold. Totally cold. Brilliant, but as cold as Dr. Nieman (I did remember her).

I was nervous for about 90% of this episode, so if I am physically uncomfortable about something, I know it’s good. It’s like my anxiety is a barometer for how much a show is going to make me love it, while being painful in the process.

Wow, though. I don’t know who has been writing these last few episodes, but the twists and turns are extremely strong. This one did have more than a few flashbacks, which were needed for people like me with the memory of a goldfish, but even those built up the unbelievable tension that followed throughout that hour.

Which flew, by the way. I don’t remember the last Castle that went that quickly, and I’m kind of upset that it did. There is not one thing I hate more than an unsolved mystery. That’s why I can never watch the show Unsolved Mysteries. It irks me. There is no endgame there, and I like endgame.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC


I also hate it when bad people get away with doing bad things, so Dr. Niemand was already an infuriating character to me, and just add that in with the fact that THAT HAD TO BE JERRY TYSON. I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT IT WA…maybe not though, now that I think of it. Maybe they’re like a cult of Tyson and Tyson’s mom doppelgangers, or I don’t know. I should even try to guess because I’m usually off by a mile. I just really want Beckett back, and talking about babies again.

And that promo for next week DOES NOT LOOK GOOD. Castle is CRYING. The man doesn’t always show that kind of emotion, so you know it’s going to hurt. Prepare yourselves.

I swear to God if Beckett is pregnant and ends up losing the baby because of these killer A-holes, I will puke on everything.

All in all…yeah, it was good.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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