Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2×03 ‘The Jimmy Jab Games’: On your mark, get set, Wahlberg!


If this wasn’t a callback to The Office‘s “Office Olympics”, I don’t know what is. This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the precinct had unexpected downtime waiting for their motorcade duty, which just happened to align with Captain Holt and Terry being out of the office. What resulted is the Jimmy Jab Games, a series of challenges which gets its name from Jake’s inability to pronounce foreign dignitaries’ names. In the Jimmy Jab Games, it is customary to have an opening ceremony where a bagel is ceremoniously lit on fire, Gina serves as the host and judge, and Amy always loses. Challenges include eating expired chinese food out of the fridge, going undercover with ridiculous costumes, and a finale that includes an elaborate obstacle course.

The return of the Jimmy Jab Games also gives us the sweet, sweet return of the competitive friendship between Jake and Amy. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed their banter in the first two episodes until we got so many golden exchanges this week. The backstory to this is that Jake tries to get Rosa’s friend Katie’s phone number if he wins the games, a testament to the fact that he’s over Amy. Except with all that witty banter and flirting, he’s clearly not and Rosa knows it. I personally love Amy and Jake’s relationship and their competitiveness, but I do worry about its effects on the show in the future. Relationships on comedies are always tricky, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes from the brains behind Jim and Pam (let’s not talk about later seasons) and Leslie and Ben, so I trust them for now. In the end, Jake admits to Rosa that he’s not over Amy because he let her win the Jimmy Jab Games and Rosa gives him Katie’s number anyway.

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On somewhat of a side note, I continue to absolutely love Amy’s character. Jake sums her up perfectly in this episode when he tells her, “Every time we’re doing police work, you’re always super smart, you stay calm and take your time. But every time we do dumb games like this you get all frantic and act like a crazy idiot”. She’s competitive to a fault and not afraid to shamelessly break out her horrifyingly awkward victory dances. She’s unabashedly a teacher’s pet and a nerd, and I love her for it.

Elsewhere, Captain Holt and Terry have gone to ask Deputy Chief Wuntch for $1200 to stem the rise of a new drug in their precinct. A reasonable request that Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) denies based on the misuse of a semicolon in their paperwork. Once again, I am in love with every word out of Holt’s mouth. His delivery is always on point and this episode was worth watching alone to hear him say “Gigglepig”. His exchanges with Wuntch are fantastic. Usually Terry is the one acting a little outlandish, but I liked that in this episode he just watched Holt and Wuntch in confusion and astonishment, pointing out the ridiculousness of their misused basketball insults.

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Honestly, almost every line in this episode, from Charles talking about opening his legs to Holt calling his day sub-optimal, was quotable. Sure, the premise that a bunch of cops could goof off for a day and get away with it is outlandish at best, but thankfully this is a sitcom and I’ll gladly take the silliness.

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