Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×16 ‘The Party’: Party huddle STAT!


How could ‘The Party’ not be great? We got to meet Captain Holt’s husband! It was great to get a peek into Holt’s personal life and it’s always fun to see the detectives outside the police station. I love that Terry is taking on a stronger, clearer leadership role in the group, which is only fitting since he’s a sergeant. When the guy who cries trying to build his daughter’s dollhouse ends up being the most appropriate person at the party, you know you’ve got problems.

Amy and Jake in particular are excited to go the party. Amy so she can creepily learn everything she can about Holt and Jake because he bet Holt that his husband Kevin Cozner (sadly not of Danzes With Wolvez fame) will love Jake. But before they can all embark, Terry calls an emergency squad meeting to lay down the rules of ‘adult parties’. Even though Jake thinks those are called orgies, the rules are as follows:

  • No staring at your phone.
  • No being two hours late.
  • No sweatpants, jeans or shorts.
  • Everyone must bring wine.
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That night, everyone shows up with Wine Drink, the cheapest bottle of wine available. Isn’t there a Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn? They gotta get on that two-buck chuck! Everyone’s incredibly nervous that they’re going to be inappropriate and Columbia professor Kevin is not impressed by the Wine Drink and outlaws any ‘cop talk’. Jake is flummoxed that Holt’s friends call him the funniest guy around. Frustrated, Terry calls for a ‘party huddle, STAT!’ and everyone gathers in the corner. He gives each of them assignments. Amy is only allowed to talk about art history (yay fellow art history grads!), Charles can only talk about food, Scully opera and Hitchcock nothing. They break with a whispered ‘3, 2, 1…break!’ but when they start milling off Terry has to say ‘Don’t move as a group. You’re not gazelles!’ Rosa is in charge of stopping Gina from stealing things and being inappropriate, but finds the perfect solution when she sits Gina down to be observed by a bunch of psychologists. ‘My mother cried the day I was born because she knew she would never be better than me.’

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Jake tries to impress Kevin with his knowledge of the New Yorker while eating crab wrong, but when Kevin tries to quiz him on a recent article Jake panics and tries hiding in the ‘crap library’ to try and find a copy. Meanwhile Amy keeps snooping around in the kitchen until Terry catches her and kicks her out. Charles chats up food writer Vivan Lutley, who is impressed with his food knowledge. They end up making out in the closet, which is weird and sort of gross but go Boyle! Still trying to find a copy of the New Yorker, Jake sneaks upstairs to Holt and Kevin’s bedroom, where he finds Amy furiously flipping through their DVR. Terry soon finds them to scold them, but when they hear someone coming they all have to hide in the bathroom. They overhear Holt and Kevin fighting and we find out that Kevin didn’t want the detectives to be there at all. Their hiding place is discovered when an incredibly adorable corgi is found to be in the bathroom and Amy can’t stop herself from sneezing.

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The next morning, it finally clicks for Jake why Kevin doesn’t like them, and he goes to Columbia University to explain in person. Kevin doesn’t like cops, because he spent years watching cops just like Jake harass and torture Holt. With that figured out, the squad decides to arrange a romantic dinner for the pair, complete with Scully singing opera and their own silverware stolen by Gina the night before. I hope we get to see more of Kevin, I love that he seems to be even drier than Holt. Plus, I absolutely loved all of Terry’s lines this week. Which lines were your favorite?

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