Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×12 ‘Pontiac Bandit’: Fievel! Papa!


Hello dear readers, welcome back! The television hiatus is finally over but I hope you enjoyed your time off with friends, family, and/or catching up on television!

Personally, I am so glad to have Brooklyn Nine-Nine back with brand new episodes. As the season progresses, each episode just seems to get tighter and funnier. ‘Pontiac Bandit’ picks up soon after the events of ‘Christmas’, with Charles returning back to the station after getting shot in the butt protecting Rosa. He got lonely hanging out at home by himself, so he makes a grand entrance into the station on a scooter with leg warmers and reachers, which he demonstrates by trying to make a cup of coffee and utterly failing. Oh Charles, we missed you too.

Charles tries to stay out of everyone’s way but of course only ends up annoying the entire station. Between forcing them to try Sudanese food and getting Amy to fish out a highlighter from his butt cast, Boyle scares everyone into the evidence room to hide, which he knows about since Gina live tweets the entire thing. Charles had enough gags in this episode to fill the rest of the season and most of them were funny, but I’m looking forward to seeing him out of the cast and back on duty ASAP.

Captain Holt gets a small side story this week. And by small side story I mean he spends the entire episode holding two puppies. Man those puppies were well behaved! I guess I would be too if I were being held by Captain Holt. (That sentence took a turn for the weird.) His dog and his neighbor’s dog made those ‘two smaller dogs’ and he’s trying to find them a good home. His first try is Amy, who wants to take them even though she’s highly allergic. She tries explaining it away, ‘I just need an epipen because my happiness is making my throat close up.’ After unsuccessfully trying a few more times, Holt finds the perfect candidate in the lonely Boyle.

Craig Robinson guest stars in this episode as Doug Judy — which is a fantastic name. Rosa brings in Doug on ten charges of identity theft but brings Jake in on the case when Doug reveals he knows how to catch the Pontiac Bandit, a man that (you guessed it) steals Pontiacs and has been evading Jake for eight years. Jake wants to clear Doug of all charges if he helps him arrest the Pontiac Bandit, but Rosa protests because she’s been hunting Doug down for a month. Jake invokes their 1000 push-up pact from their days in the academy. Basically it means ‘trust me’, and that the other is serious and will do one thousand push ups if it doesn’t work out. I absolutely love Jake and Rosa together. I like that they’ve known each other for so long and just implicitly understand each other. I’m totally cool with that pair remaining an amazing platonic friendship.

Doug takes them through an elaborate plan to catch the Bandit, evening dressing up Jake as a ‘Boys II Men Easter album’. While not part of the plan, possibly my favorite moment of the episode was when Doug and Jake re-enacted Fievel Goes West. Of course, in the end, it turns out that Doug was the Pontiac Bandit the entire time and avoids arrest. Definitely hoping we haven’t seen the last of Craig Robinson. Since Jake knows Rosa hates apologies, he does 1000 push ups and tells her they’ll catch him together.

Another solid episode from the B99 crew. What was your favorite moment or line? I will never be over Holt’s deadpan lines. ‘He ran over my food. I am in…..incredible pain.’

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