Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×11 ‘Christmas’: Santa stop hitting Santa


It’s Christmastime at the 99, but it’s business as usual for our favorite detectives as they deal with wacky situations and then team up to solve them. Sure, it’s cheesy and this week focused on a major TV trope, but cheese and tropes work for a reason!

The cold open was pretty spectacular this week and featured two Santas fighting each other, and then two cops (Jake and Boyle) fighting two Santas (a skinny one and a big one). With the whole thing set to Run DMC’s ‘Christmas in Hollis’ and the guys forever scarring some children, it was great.

Back at the station, everyone is preparing for the holidays. Santiago and Gina are designing a christmas card for Holt (since Amy can’t give him multiple gifts), Boyle is prepping to leave for his flight to a singles cruise, Terry is undergoing a psych evaluation to get back in the field, and Holt is dealing with increasingly violent death threats. The captain chooses Peralta to be his security detail and Jake is overjoyed to learn that he’ll basically be completely and utterly in charge of Holt for the time being. Holt and Peralta thrown together for the episode? Always great. Holt thought Peralta would blow the security detail job off, but Jake is so excited that he’s taking the job very seriously, assigning Holt code names that change every few seconds and tricking Holt into staying at a safe house. ‘It’s a safe house, son! You’ve been protected.’

When Holt tries to jostle his way out, Jake does the logical thing and handcuffs them together, throwing the key down the air vent. I loved their little nod to the fact that this is a tried-and-true TV trope with Jake’s fake-worried ‘Oh no, we’re handcuffed together and we’ve lost the key.’ Holt manages to secretly text Boyle to come over and get him uncuffed, but it comes out that the death threat is real and that Holt is trying to sneak off and investigate it himself. Boyle doesn’t know whether to uncuff the captain or listen to Jake, so of course his solution is to handcuff himself to Holt to make a three-detective-long chain.

The three of them figure out that the death threats are coming from Colin Haimes, the freestyle killer, the swimmer who killed multiple of his competition and was put away by Holt. Holt wants to take down the guy but Jake gives him a taste of his own advice and tells him to use the team, and Holt agrees. Together, the team heads to the Brooklyn rail yards and managed to take down Haimes, but not before Boyle gets shot twice in the butt trying to protect Rosa and Terry tackles Haimes before he can shoot Holt. The captain is so relieved that Jake tells him, ‘Captain, you’re doing it. You’re emoting.’

Rosa is touched that Boyle got shot for her, and you can see she’s warming up to him just a bit, even punching Peralta when he makes too many butt jokes in front of him. I’m really happy with the way they’ve treated the dynamic between Rosa and Charles and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for them. But nothing, and I mean nothing, beats Team Pop ‘n’ Lock (Jake and Holt) doing a double arm wave in the hospital in celebration. Holt manages to be graceful and yet ridiculous (his eyes roll back in his head) and it’s practically a Christmas miracle.

What did you all think of ‘Christmas’? Was Team Pop ‘n’ Lock also your favorite part? Are you happy with Boyle and Rosa? Are you as sad as I am that we have to wait SIX WEEKS for a new episode?

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