Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×10 ‘Thanksgiving’: Guaranteed trainwreck


This week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is aptly named ‘Thanksgiving’. While it’s not my favorite of the season, I always love seeing the group outside of their uniforms and outside the station and I absolutely loved the bonding scene at the end.

The main plot of this week is that Amy is throwing a Thanksgiving shindig for the squad and since everyone’s families are conveniently out of town or terrible, everyone shows up — even Captain Holt. Jake hates Thanksgiving and complains about having to attend the party. Much like last week, his hate stems from the fact that he was neglected as a child, with his dad out of the picture and his mom always working. All Jake wants is a good case to distract him, which he gets during Amy’s party when Holt gets a call that money was stolen from the evidence room.

I liked that this episode had my two favorite B99 elements: Holt and Jake working together and the whole squad interacting with each other. When Jake and Holt have to bail, Amy is disappointed she can’t deliver her eight page, single-spaced, double-sided toast/ode to Holt. When the squad figures out that all of Amy’s food is terrible, they bail and go to the bar to eat there. That is, until a distraught Amy tries to ‘act out’ and ends up breaking a large shelf in the bar. With no where else to go, everyone heads back to the station while Terry continues to be large and hangry.

Meanwhile, Holt and Jake try to find the culprit of the money grab, knowing he’s left-handed. As usual, Jake makes up a fake backstory for them to use and Holt ends up going along. After they conveniently catch the robber, Jake’s determined to head back to his place and watch the game, but Holt convinces him to go back to the rest of the squad and start some new traditions with some new family. Foodie Boyle saves the day and orders in a bunch of different foods to create a last-minute Thanksgiving meal, and Jake ends up giving a great speech about his B99 family. Warm and fuzzies all around!

What did you all think? Did you like B99’s Thanksgiving episode? What were your favorite lines?

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  • Eric Pharand

    I like it. The series needs to have (more) cases solved by people who aren`t Peralta