Breaking Bad ‘5×11’ Confessions: Get out of Jesse’s way

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Every week as I type up these reviews, I always want to say “Where should we start this week?” So far, every episode of Breaking Bad has been a rollercoaster of emotion and anxiety. Unlike most TV shows, where it takes forever for secrets to be revealed and lines to be drawn, the last season of this show is moving at a furious pace.

I think the first thing we should talk about is Walter’s video. It’s the trump card that he has in his hand in case Hank refuses to give up the case. Walt can take away everything that Hank ever loved: removing him from his job and Marie, not to mention sending him to jail. Heck, Marie might even get sent to jail in the process, essentially taking Skyler’s place the way Hank will take Walt’s.

Source: AMC

Source: AMC

I know I’ve been talking a lot about Marie’s character in these reviews, but I simply love the way she’s evolved. Granted, it’s only been two episodes, but since she found out the truth about Walt, she’s basically transformed. Her suggestion for Walt to kill himself, which was heart stopping in itself, completely fit her mindset. It reminded me of Marie way back in Season 1, when she emphasized with Walt for not wanting to get the chemo, and tried to stand up for his decision. In the first season she understood that he wanted to die, with as little pain to his family as possible, both financially and emotionally. Now this season, she wants Walt to do the same for his family, go out easily for his family, again, both financially and emotionally. Killing yourself might seem like a weird solution, but in Marie’s shocked mind, she thinks this might be the easiest solution for her, and for the rest of the family.

I still am in shock that Skyler went along with the video. Yes, she firmly planted herself on Walt’s side last week, but it’s one thing to not reveal evidence, and another to frame your sister. She seems to be having second thoughts about it, and I don’t blame her. The shot of Walt standing in front of the door, covered completely in shadow, while growling that everything’s being taken care of, wouldn’t comfort anyone in their right mind.

Source: AMC

Source: AMC

Jesse’s past being comforted by Walt as well. His scene in the desert broke my heart – he’s reached the end of his rope. But he was so defeated that he was ready to pack up his life and move to Alaska, right until he made the connection that Walter had poisoned Brock. He snapped in the most epic way, beating Saul, pulling a gun on him, and then driving to Walt’s house to throw gasoline everywhere, a manic look in his eyes. Such a calm, lovely image to end the episode on. (Just kidding, I screamed at the TV when I realized that the episode was over.)

Notes and Observations

  • Marie Watch: You guys, Marie wasn’t wearing purple. In fact, Hank was wearing a purple shirt. Part of me wonders if this means for sure that Marie will die. Right now, it seems as if Marie’s death is the only thing that could persuade Hank to go after Walt, not caring whether he will release the video.
  • That poor waiter – all he wanted was to get them guacamole.
  • Walt’s fake nonchalance around Skyler while getting the gun was completely ridiculous. Yes, I know he had to put on a story for the customers, but to try and trick Skyler as well seems like a waste of time. She already knows what’s going on, and she’s smarter than Walt thinks she is. While Walt and Hank are the main players in this game, Marie and Skyler are the queens behind the throne, subtly encouraging them to move in the steps they see as the “right” direction.


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