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Bones 12×11 ‘The Day in the Life’: The beginning of the end, for real this time

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It almost felt like this day would never come, but tonight’s episode of Bones is the first part of its two-hour series finale, and boy, is the show taking the ‘go out with a bang’ adage seriously. Cam and Arastoo finally get hitched, and the event is the backdrop for a quasi-Rashomon-style look at each of our main cast, giving us all a little insight into what the future holds for the rest of the gang. Until, of course, something goes boom, because it wouldn’t be a Bones wedding without a little crime to throw a wrench into everyone’s plans.

Let me start with the nuptials, because we got to see all of our regulars cut loose on the dance floor (Wendell and Daisy, you are precious), and it definitely felt like one big party, as much for the cast in real-life as for their alter egos. I’m such a sucker for these family relationships, and this was a thoroughly fitting send-off for the whole team. Heck, the finale could have very well ended with what we saw in the teaser here, and it would be a satisfying conclusion to our time with these folks. However, there are more trials and tribulations ahead, but let’s not jump the gun.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

I’ve said in the past that Cam is often the team’s unsung hero, getting stuck with the dirty work effectively pitting her against her friends in the name of professional duty, and Tamara Taylor’s wonderful performances never got enough screen time in light of her skill as an actor. So it was absolutely beautiful to me that here, in the series’ waning minutes, Cam finally got to be the belle of the ball, and what a belle she was! On a superficial note, she and her groom looked stunning, and it was so heartwarming to see her so darn happy, for once.

This was as relaxed and peaceful as we’ve ever seen the pathologist, and as a result, we got some touching moments between her and the other leads, whether it was her brief conversation with old-friend Booth about finding happiness, or her exchange with Brennan thanking her for her help in covering for her upcoming sabbatical, or even daughter Michelle’s poignant toast to the couple. I’m so glad that Cam as a character is setting herself free after years of being married to her work (sorry, I had to), and that she’s leaving her lab in good hands to boot. (Michelle joining the FBI? I’m verklempt. I also smell reboot!)

As I mentioned, there were so many endearing scenes throughout the hour, and the novel approach in kicking off each act from a different character’s point of view was clever. Frankly, it made me wish the writers had gotten the chance to try this earlier in the season’s run, or even the series’, because it was such a neat concept and I almost feel like the intricate details might have gotten lost with the rush to the show’s end. I really enjoyed how the same scene at the reception was the jumping-off point for each person’s story, subtly clueing us in to where they may be heading next. From the newlyweds’ extended honeymoon, to Brennan’s sweet interactions with her daughter and heartfelt defense of Zack at his hearing, to Aubrey’s mulling about his future with Jessica, to Angela’s big revelation, we know they are all driven by their hearts, but there’s enough mystery hanging in the balance to rock their smooth sailing.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Of course, in what might have been the show’s worst-kept secret from the breadcrumbs dropped last season and her hormonal mood swings last week, Angela finally let it slip to Brennan that she is pregnant again. The interlude may have felt a little out-of-place in the midst of the murder investigation interfering with their happily-ever-afters, but this is always what Bones has been about, weaving the worst in the human condition with the best— the impact of a single individual and its ripple effect. Given how emotional both actresses were in the scene before the baby news even dropped, I wonder if this may have even been Emily Deschanel and Michaela Conlin’s last heart-to-heart of the series, and I think that’s when it really hit me that this is it, people.

In contrast to Michael-Vincent, where the threat of LCA (don’t ask me to spell that out please) hung over the parents-to-be throughout the pregnancy, I was floored at how zen she was here when discussing it with her best friend, admitting that one thing she’s learned in recent years is that whatever happens, they’ll take it as it comes. Just as her admission to Aubrey that she no longer longs for another life outside the lab because she loves the one she already has, I think it’s a remarkable display of maturity that demonstrates just how much all of the characters have grown in the past decade. These women are indeed extraordinary.

Which leads me to the closing seconds of the episode, where that pesky Albanian terrorist reared his ugly head again, giving me Pelant flashbacks in the process. Look, I definitely wouldn’t have chosen to blow the Jeffersonian to smithereens just to send the characters off on new journeys, but I’m also not a TV writer. I do wish we weren’t spending so much time on this plot in the final chapter, as I think the smaller cases are where Bones has always shined, but on the other hand, David Boreanaz finally got to destroy the set, so I guess something’s gotta give. I might be a little nervous for what lies ahead in the finale (how are we there already?!), but I do have faith that everything will work out, eventually.

Because Cyndi Lauper said so once upon a time, and if she managed to make it back (time after time…) for this episode, then who are we to doubt her, right?

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