Bob’s Burgers 5×12 ‘The Millie-churian Candidate’: Chess We Can

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Louise takes over Jimmy Jr.’s campaign for school president when Millie of Fort Night fame enters the race, while Bob and his new $300 knife faces off with Teddy and his hammer. That’s a lot less homicidal than it sounds…

Despite some flaws, I did very much enjoy this episode. Flipping the kid and adult roles was great. The kids undertake a presidential campaign, complete with negative campaign ads, while the adults argue over who has the nicer toy. Last week, I called Louise the “capricious goddess of the Bob’s Burgers universe” but it’s clear that she has limits on her ability to bend others to her will. And it’s clear there are other masters out there whose skills surpass even those of Louise. Don’t mess with Henry Haber.

It’s weird that the Belcher kids interact in any way with Millie after the events of “Fort Night.” She nearly got them killed! Generally their first reaction should be to run the other way when they see her coming. The same question – “Why would this happen?” – applies to the Knife/Hammer Olympics, hosted by Linda. She expresses her distaste for buying the expensive knife and then does a complete 180 in the span of one line of dialogue to encouraging a contest between Bob and Teddy. She’s also the reason that the knife ends up hammered by Teddy in the end.

Even so, I really enjoyed that nerdy nearly-also-ran candidate Henry Haber was behind everything, manipulating Louise to ruin Jimmy Jr.’s campaign and then setting up the pieces for the other candidates to be disqualified. It tied the whole episode together in a satisfying way, even more than a Louise or Jimmy Jr. win would have been. I hope we see more of him. I’m OK with not seeing more of Millie though. I think we’ve already exhausted much of the potential for that character after only 2 episodes.

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Some of my favorite moments:

Teddy: I made a video of my hammer pounding nails. I put a Natalie Merchant song under it. Dedicated it to my dad.
Bob: Yeah, but your hammer and my knife? It’s not really the same thing.
Teddy: Wanna read some of the comments, Bobby?
Bob: Uhh, I do-I don’t- no.
Teddy: Look at this guy! He says “Nailed it!” (laughs) Ah, the Internet.

Gene (in negative campaign voice): Wagstaff has questions for Jimmy Jr. Why does he dance all the time? What’s he hiding? Does he have to go? Why doesn’t he stop dancing and just go?! Tell Jimmy Jr. to go to the bathroom already! By the way, here’s his fifth grade picture. It’s TERRIBLE! Paid for by the students of Wagstaff of America for change.

Louise: Louise for president everybody! Two more ears! Two more ears!

Millie: This election is about Wagstaff. Let’s take the “U” and the “I” out of it. (Millie rips the letters out of Louise’s campaign sign). Oh look, now it spells “Lose.”
Gene: That was in Louise’s name all along and we never saw it!
Tina: This is fun. Do “Tina.”

Linda: Bob, you will slice 10 tomatoes while Teddy pounds 10 nails into a board.
(They perform the tasks to a tie)
Linda: Tie! Round two: switch stations! Bob, pry up Teddy’s nails. Teddy, nail Bob’s tomatoes back together. Aanndd go!
Teddy: Nail tomatoes?
Linda: All right, I took a shot.
Bob: It took you a day to think of this?

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