Bob’s Burgers 5×08 ‘Midday Run’: Hall Manatee

Bob's Burgers

Tina abuses her hall monitor power to save it, after rumors that she’s about to be promoted. Meanwhile, Bob’s napkin doodles are not up to snuff for Linda’s display of customer doodle artwork, and he takes extreme measures to remedy his lack of drawing talent.

The writers seem to like focusing on themes in twos this season. In “Father of the Bob” and “Best Burger,” the focus was the father-son dynamic. Now with this episode and “Tina Tailor Soldier Spy,” it’s Tina and her passion for following the rules in an exclusive group. I’m not really complaining here, just observing that there is definitely a pattern emerging this year.

While I always enjoy a Tina-centric episode, this one fell a little flat for me. Zeke’s excuse for stealing the mascot was…a little strange, and not in a way that improved the story or brought much comedy to the mix until the very end. I’m willing to cut an animated program some slack but nobody focuseson the fact that, even if Zeke was telling the truth, he was still borrowing school property without permission. I hate to come off as more of a stickler for the rules than Tina, but it’s hard to feel bad for Zeke during his Fugitive-esque escape from academic justice. Since it’s hard to feel bad for Zeke, it’s hard to understand why Tina cares about proving his “innocence,” or rather “lack of deceit in his excuse.”

Bob's Burgers

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On the parents’ side, it’s always fun to see Bob go to extremes to achieve inconsequential things. This time he goes (art?) crawling to Edith and Harold Cranwinkle, the owners of the local art shop Reflections, where he must first grovel for help and then sketch a nude Edith. The absurdity of requiring this type of sketching in order to doodle up to Linda’s standards is well-played but I wish there was more of it. Bob getting art lessons from the Cranwinkles is ripe for comedy, but its potential felt a little squandered here.

Overall, the episode still elicited a few good chuckles, but it doesn’t live up to other excellent material this season.

A few highlights:

Louise: You busted us today like we were some kind of butt-sliding strangers.
Gene: Yeah, we slid out of the same place sister!

Tina: Hi Ms. Selvo.
Ms. Selvo: Hi Tina. I heard a rumor you were disgraced.

Mr. Frond: Terrific. To the nursing home.
Louise: We’re coming too.
Mr. Frond: Great, come along.
Rudy: Wait, where’s everybody going?
Mr. Frond: We’re going on a splash-of-cold-hard-truth-in-Tina’s-face field trip!
Rudy: I didn’t get a slip for that.

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