Bob’s Burgers 5×06 ‘Father of the Bob’: There it is, our restaurant’s dad

Bob's Burgers

Fresh off its Thanksgiving episode two weeks ago, Bob’s Burgers served up a Christmas-themed outing that addressed Bob’s relationship with his father, the owner of Big Bob’s Diner. More than just pulling in some of the same themes used between Bob and Gene – outward disappointment obscuring fatherly pride, primarily – the episode showed the origins of some major fixtures in the series.

When I say “major fixtures,” I mean both the opening of Bob’s Burgers and the Burger of the Day specials. Bob serves his first “joke burger,” as his dad calls it, to Big Bob’s Diner customer Henry when he’s 14. The Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger is a delicious ’80s reference, and we get to hear plenty of other pun-tastic ideas (the “Crispy Brinkley Burger” and the “Greed is Gouda” Burger among them).

Bob’s father has only been portrayed off-screen until now, so it was good to explore that side of the show’s universe. We’ve seen plenty of Linda’s parents during the past 4+ seasons but we haven’t even really scratched the surface of Bob’s side of the family. It was strange that the father-son relationship was a major focus this week, since the Bob-Gene relationship was a cornerstone of last week’s “Best Burger.” While I hope we see more of Bob’s side of the family, I hope the show doesn’t fall into covering the same themes week after week.

One of the things I love about this show is the strange asides that could easily be left on the cutting room floor, but instead are fully animated and included prominently. Linda and Teddy sang perhaps the most strange impromptu song the series has portrayed (“All the cold hungry people/they’re dying in the streets.”), I’m not sure whether that was improvved, but it’s the type of thing that separates Bob’s Burgers from other animated series.

Bob's Burgers

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Finally, it was a treat to see both Bob and Big Bob locked outside the diner by the kids, in a callback to the pilot. Oh Tina, Gene and Louise, is there a heartfelt family moment you can’t destroy?

Just a few other highlights:

Tina: Dear Lord Santa, this year please bless me with a calendar of Australian firefighters holding puppies in casual settings.
Gene: And bless me with a perm. You only live once, why not have a little fun up top!
Louise: And Santa, bless me with an internship at your company, preferably something in the flying animal or breaking-and-entering department. Thank you.
Bob: Kids, I know it’s Christmas Eve but I don’t think you pray to Santa
Gene: Lord Santa strike him down!

The Burger of the Day: Cheeses is Born Burger (comes with Baby Swiss)

Louise: Uh, when you see this trap, you’re gonna wanna shut yours, period, end of burn.

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