Bob’s Burgers 5×05 ‘Best Burger’: Hot Fudge Car Wash

Bob's Burgers

A burger competition turns into a tale of redemption and sacrifice for the easily distracted Gene, in the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers. “Best Burger” is built on an inevitable cooking competition premise with so plenty of great laughs. It’s easily my favorite episode of this season so far.

Now, there’s one issue I have to note about a certain plot point. Gene crushing the black garlic for a few seconds should not cause it to dissolve into his shirt. Even black garlic, doesn’t exist a touch away from evaporation. At least, to my knowledge. Correct me if I’m wrong. In any case, I’m willing to overlook it since it leads the Belcher kids to Fig Jam, the local specialty foods shop. There’s a lot of comedy potential in the shop and its zealous owner Ray, and I hope we come back to them at some point.

Gene’s lack-of-focus is usually just played for pure comedy. To make it the emotional centerpiece of the episode through Bob’s relationship with Gene is a good move, and makes Bob’s successful completion of the burgers more meaningful. The use of flashbacks in the episode is also very well-done. As usual, every member of the Belcher family, including Bob, contributes to Bob’s present predicament. Linda eggs him on as he drunkenly signs up for the Best Burger competition; Gene neglects to put the black garlic in the cooler before the cook-off; all of the kids are present to be banned from Fig Jam. However, everyone redeems themselves in the end, with the kids working to bring the crucial ingredient to Bob while Linda puts into perspective Bob’s desire to create excuses for his shortcomings.


Bob's Burgers

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How fun must the writers room have been while brainstorming food-based distractions to entice Gene away from his last-minute save? Eugene Mirman’s over-the-top delivery of reacting to free cupcake-flavored ice cream served on a waffle, pizza tacos, robot cake and a hot fudge car wash make you feel Gene’s anguish as he keeps his focus, for once, on helping Bob.

Some highlights from this excellent episode:

Tina: It’s just sometimes you lose focus.
Louise: Your name is a verb in this family, Gene. We call it “Gene-ing out.”
Gene: I thought that meant taking off your shorts after a good meal.
Tina: No.
Ron: I was Gene-ing out at work the other day.
Mickey: I’m Gene-ing out right now!

(Linda’s cell phone rings)
Linda: Oh it’s the kids! “Got garlic, broke law. You fix later. On our way. Smiley face.” Aww, smiley face!

(Ray is catching up to the kids in his pedi-cab)
Tina: It’s Ray and he’s either getting bigger or closer!

Tina: Hey, wait a minute, is anyone even watching Fig Jam right now?
Louise: Ray, people are probably looting it. A bunch of hippies stuffing truffle cheese in their banjo cases.

Bob: We finished! We finished the burgers!
Chuck: Hooray for Bob, he managed to somehow do what he does every day for a living. What a champion.

Third Judge: This has exquisite mouth-feel.
Linda: Bobby, they loved it! That one’s creepy but he loved it.

Linda: OK, OK Bob. You got a “fantastic” and an “ooh,” but he got an “amazing” and a really weird moan, and he liked both your mouth-feels. I’d say it’s a tight race!

(Bob’s competitor Skip is waiting to taste his black garlic burger)
Bob: You want to try my burger?
Skip: Yeah, I smellt it and now I want you to dealt it, into my mouth.

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