Bob’s Burgers 5×04 ‘Dawn of the Peck’: Storming the Baste-ille

Bob's Burgers

I’ll be honest: I consider the past Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episodes to be more unreliable comedy offerings than the show’s normal fare. “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal” has some fun moments with Bob, and “Turkey in a Can” has Gene’s Thanksgiving carol, sure, but they feel constrained. “Dawn of the Peck” doesn’t suffer from that same issue, bringing in many of the town’s other characters, even for brief moments.

The turkey-pocalypse caused by the Fischoeders creates a lot of opportunities to poke fun at disaster and action movie tropes. My favorite of these is Linda’s idea to duct-tape teddy bears to the group in an escape attempt that quickly falls apart. There’s a pretty sweet Jurassic Park homage at the beginning as well.

H. Jon Benjamin is definitely my favorite voice actor, and he shows off why in this episode. Whenever we see Bob alone, we see an insecure man who creates characters out of (mostly) food in order to feel less alone. In this episode, Bob comes face to face with his neglected turkey baster on Thanksgiving, and the scene plays out like an awkward reunion after a breakup, finishing in true Bob’s Burgers over-the-top fashion. Benjamin goes from emotion to emotion seamlessly and has such a handle on the character that a soliloquy regarding a turkey baster reveals a little bit more of Bob than we’ve seen.

Bob's Burgers

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Overall, “Dawn of the Peck” may put the Belchers’ hometown in disaster-movie peril once again, but it does with a healthy spin on the tried-and-true cliches. While not one of the top 10 all-time episodes, it is certainly one of my favorite holiday-themed episodes of the whole series.

Some highlights for me:

Gene: I wouldn’t mind a ride on the Tickle Boat
Tina: But Gene, they closed it, remember? That guy died.
Gene: Ohhh, right. But what a way to go!

TV Reporter: But what about the people? Was anyone left inside?
Felix Fischoeder: No, that would be a PR nightmare. (nervous laugh)
Calvin Fischoeder: Which we are not having today.
Felix: No, thank you.
Calvin: Today was nothing less than a total success. There’s your headline!
Felix: Yes!
Calvin: Write that down.
TV Reporter: We’re on live television.
Calvin: Then make it into a graphic. A fun one that spins in.
Felix (makes spinning noises): Total success!

Mickey: Oh man! You can only eat an animal for so long. It’s the turkey’s time to rule the Earth now. We had our chance and we blew it!

(Linda, Teddy and Mickey have reached the pier ride, where the kids are stuck)
Linda: All right Mickey, turn it off.
Mickey: Can do! Oh shoot, I threw the key in the ocean.
Linda: You what?
Mickey: I didn’t want the birds to get it. We can’t let this technology fall into their hands!

Rudy: Rudy: 1, Asthma: (hyperventilates)

Gene: To the Tickle Boat!
Bob: Wait, the Tickle Boat that killed that guy?
Rudy: Yeah.

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