Bob’s Burgers 5×02 ‘Tina and the Real Ghost’: I’m on a date with a box, oh my god.

Bob's Burgers

It’s Halloween season, and that means appropriately themed TV episodes. Bob’s Burgers went on hiatus for the Major League Baseball playoffs right after the season premiere (thanks Fox), but it returned last night in good form with its third Halloween episode. While it doesn’t contain the adventure of “Full Bars” or the higher stakes of last year’s “Fort Night,” this installment has a more personal tone for the kid characters.The episode was really about the power of belief (or gullibility). Ouija boards, the method the Belchers and the kids at school use to “communicate” with “Jeff,” are built on the belief that the other person isn’t messing with you. (In this case, if you’re using a ouija board with Louise, you should assume she’s up to something.) Likewise, the kids instantly believe Jeff the ghost exists, and Tina wants so badly to have a boyfriend, she believes a ghost trapped in a shoe box is courting her. They immediately fall for every ghost-based twist and turn after that too, until Tina unravels it all. Bob and Linda even benefit from their customers’ newfound belief that a ghost resides in the restaurant.

The episode holds together quite well, and has a fairly good balance between the kids and the parents. Though Linda and Bob’s role in the main plot is pretty minimal. It’s clear the writers consider Tina, Gene and Louise as the biggest story potential. Which is fine, because each character is done so well from top to bottom.

Some highlights:

  • Linda’s “séance wine”

  • Louise’s Halloween costume is “Ryan Gosling from the major motion picture trailer Drive.” complete with scorpion jacket.

  • Linda, putting up Halloween decorations in the restaurant, got the bats that are smiling because “It’s more realistic”

  • Gene: It’s a ghost, his name is Jeff. It’s a strong Christian name.”

  • Bob: We have to call another exterminator. Let’s go with…Beatle Knievel? What is wrong with the exterminators in our town!?

  • Louise: Jeff, you have my sister home by 11
    Gene: Wait, make that 9, 8 Central. Jeff and I are going to watch Kitchen Nightmares. That’s going to be our thing!

  • Phil: OK people, we’re going to listen for subsonic metaphysical phenomenon now.
    Don: We need everyone to be very quiet in here. Except for ghosts. You guys talk it up.

  • Tina writing on the mausoleum wall but running out of space.

Bob's Burgers

Source: Fox


  • Gene: Quick, to the Pacific time zone. It’s still Halloween in San Diego!

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