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Boardwalk Empire 5×05 ‘King of Norway’: Throwing lead


Well, that was pretty freaking intense folks. Episodes like this remind me of why I started watching this show in the first place. Nucky’s friends are still thinning, and nobody trusts anyone anymore. Chalky is making a bit of a comeback and Capone is as whacko as ever. There are more flashbacks, although much more interesting this time and a whole lot of gun smoke.

This time around Nucky’s flashbacks take place as a young man, who we learn at one time was a deputy in Atlantic City. He’s on the warpath, trying to make a living, work for the commodore in more unsavory ways, and impress Maebel’s father. Young Nucky discovers a body under the boardwalk and seems quite disturbed when he recognizes him as a local business owner. This is much more interesting than the flashbacks to his childhood, I wish we would have more like this for most of this season. Not much more happened, I really just wanted to get that segment out of the way.

More importantly, present-day Nucky is dodging bullets in a meeting with Sal Maranzano. Just as he’s recommending that Sal kill off

Source: HBO

Source: HBO

Lucky, bullets hail everywhere but luckily his bodyguard knocks him to the ground and he escapes with his life. Now it really looks like Sal should have had Lucky killed off, although I’m not totally sure what ended up happening with Sal. Nucky soon realizes that he’s been betrayed by Johnny Torrio, who he was supposed to be meeting with there at the bar but he never showed. This was quite the shocker because Johnny has always been on Nuck’s side. Well, until now I guess. Later, Nucky calls up Johnny and tells him he knows it was him and Lucky and that he won’t rest until he sees them in their graves. Well, that’s that then. Nucky also discovers that Sally was killed in Cuba and the man he’s talking to tells him no one knows who’s responsible, and no one will be held accountable for this crime. Them’s the breaks kid. Bad night all around for good ol’ Nuck.

Nucky also runs into Chalky who’s come back to town looking as dapper as ever. Chalky seems to be ready to throw in the towel with the whole crime thing and tells Nucky that he should look to the end of the road as they aren’t spring chickens anymore. Nucky tells him they aren’t dead yet either. Later, we see Chalky going to Narcisse’s whorehouse in Harlem no doubt to scope the place out and get rid of Narcisse. Just as he draws his gun and enters an office to blow his head off, he stumbles upon a sick little girl. Turns out this is Daughter Maitland’s kid and they both look shocked to see each other. Could this be Chalky’s kid? She looked like she was the right age. Can’t wait to see the next episode!

Source: HBO

Source: HBO

Back in Chicago, Capone is having gastrointestinal issues and a big time Hollywood producer is coming into town to make a movie about him. While this is happening, Van Alden’s wife hosts a dinner party for Eli Thompson and his wife visiting from New Jersey. His wife is seven months pregnant which was a total surprise to him and he seems pretty excited about it. During the rather awkward dinner, Mrs. Van Alden reveals that she and Eli had sex over and over again in the kitchen. Now, I’m not sure when these events took place but this doesn’t really seem like the time or place to bring it up. Just then the feds bust in and take Van Alden and Thompson into custody. They tell them they know all about the murdering and scheming they’ve been up to and now they have two choices: either die in prison or help them catch Capone by stealing his books. The episode leaves off there but I can’t wait to see what happens next!

We also see Margaret and Mrs. Darmody this time around. It appears that everything has all worked out with Mags and the widow much to her employer’s dismay. Margaret seems pretty cavalier about the whole associating with criminal’s aspect of it and just shrugs it off. Maybe she and Nucky belonged together after all. Mrs. Darmody is still in the psych ward and the conditions are still deplorable. She makes a case to her doctor that she really is better now so please let her go, pretty please. He tells her that she can’t just decide when she’s better since she’s here on a temporary insanity plea for that time when she committed murder. Looks like she’ll be locked up for quite a while.

So what did you guys think? I really enjoyed this episode and the season so far has been great. I’m really sad to see the show go but all good things right? Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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