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Boardwalk Empire 5×04 ‘Cuanto’: Partners in crime

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Well folks, here we are at the halfway point for the farewell season.  I think next week we’ll really see the show ramp it up but this episode sort of just maintained the status quo with a few noted exceptions. Like my favorite Al Capone’s appearance and the superb Michael Shannon gracing our screens once again. Chicago is restless, there’s a storm brewing in Atlantic City and a revolutionary storm in Cuba. We’re also treated to more flashbacks and the days of old.

In a very flashback heavy episode, we see young Nucky being laid off for the winter. The commodore seems to take pity on him but feels the need to teach the young lad a life lesson: the world is cruel, and no one cares about your problems. Nuck doesn’t take this very well and bemoans to young Eli that the rich people who visit the beach do nothing all day and that Eli doesn’t understand how the world works. He takes Eli to the beach house and shows him a toilet that flushes, Eli is impressed. Nucky then takes a bath and gets caught trespassing. The boys then get treated to an excellent dinner where they see what a happy family can look like. They’re taken home by the friendly policeman and Nucky asks him if he can arrest his dad since he “took care” of the guy at the hotel. The policeman tells him no and that he’ll only take his father in if he’s truly breaking the law. I wonder if this is going to lead to something in the near future with their father. I don’t remember if he had a record or not.

Margaret explains to Nucky why she’s come to see him and how Rothstein’s widow is blackmailing them.  He appears to be pretty calm

Source: HBO

Source: HBO

about the whole ordeal until he sees Joe Kennedy bantering with Margaret. He realizes the two of them crossing their legs towards each other and immediately becomes jealous. Joe offers to take Margaret back to the city and you can feel Nucky staring daggers. Joe also informs Nucky that he won’t be going through with their deal for basically no good reason. Way to lead him on Mr. Kennedy. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him though.

Good ol’ Mags declines Joe’s offer and Nucky takes her out to eat and gets her pretty drunk. They go back and forth on their past, present, and future and you can still tell there’s some sort of spark there. Many hours later they end up on the boardwalk and they reminisce together sweetly. That is until Mags plants a big kiss on Nucky and then asks him if he plans on killing the widow Rothstein. He tells her the plan and that everything will be alright, then he pays for her to stay at a hotel for the night. I almost want them to get back together but with a girl back in Cuba and Margaret seems to finally have her life together so that’s probably not a good idea.

Meanwhile, Capone is the king of Chicago and Luciano comes to see him. Lucky recognizes Nelson Van Alden AKA George Mueller and tells Capone that he’s a prohibition hound. Capone interrogates Van Alden and shoves a gun into his mouth. Van Alden holds firm and tells him he has no idea what Luciano is talking about and that it’s disrespectful for Luciano to tell him how to run his business. Luckily, Capone agrees and lets Van Alden go. The rat in Capone’s outfit however, decides to launch into an investigation on Van Alden despite the bureau protesting. Looks like they might have another ally within the ranks. When Luciano leaves to go back to New York, Capone curses him and his gang of Yes Men laugh along with him. However, one guy takes it too far and Capone unleashes his full wrath on the guy buy beating him to death and stabbing him with a shard of jagged wood. Capone calls up Nucky to tell him they have a problem, Nucky seems disappointed as he was expecting a call from Sally…

Source: HBO

Source: HBO

In Cuba, Sally is confronted with the political unrest while dealing with a local businessman. She notices he’s packing up to leave Cuba in a hurry and she’s clearly disturbed. On her way home to no doubt speak with Nucky that the deal has gone through, she’s stopped by the curfew police. They tell her she’s everything that’s wrong with Cuba and will not let her go. Sally tries bribing them both with money and with drink and they just won’t listen. Finally, a struggle breaks out and Sally gets a hold of a gun and then a soldier shoots her dead. Well, I guess that’s it for Nucky’s ties to Cuba. Who knows what will come of Sally’s death but I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

So what did you guys think? I really liked the episode but I can’t wait for next week. I’m sure we’ll see what happens when Nucky finds out about Sally. Will he cancel his deal with Bacardi? Will Capone continue to smash everybody’s face in? Will Luciano make any friends this season? Will these flashbacks come to an end? Tune in next week to find out and tell me what you thought in the comments!

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