Better Call Saul 1×09 ‘Pimento’: Always carry a sandwich


It’s always bittersweet when a wonderful show is down to its final two episodes of its season, reminding us how near the end is. Sure, it will return in about a year’s time. But as most seasoned TV watchers have learned, waiting is the worst. Especially if the season leaves off on a cliffhanger. But before I jump the gun, we still have the second to last episode to discuss. And thankfully there is a lot to talk about.

This episode does not start with a flashback (woah, I know). In fact, there are no flashbacks in this episode at all. It’s only mildly surprising since most of the episodes in the season have started or ended in a flashback. This leads me to believe that the writers have been saving their final flashbacks for the last episode, which makes sense since that’s how the season started.

Despite the lack of a flashback, this episode still starts off strong with Jimmy and Chuck sitting on a bench outside of Chuck’s house. With the ending of last week’s episode, Jimmy is trying to get Chuck used to being outside again since their case will require the both of them to leave the house. It’s a perfect way to start the episode because it reminds us how important their relationship is to the show and to Jimmy as a character. And of course it’s vital in terms of how the episode ends (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).



The whole episode is a back-and-forth look into what Jimmy and Mike are up to separately in their own story lines. Jimmy is working with Chuck on the Sandpiper Crossing Retirement Home case, while Mike gets assigned to a “job” by the sketchy veterinarian. This way of structuring the episode keeps it interesting and hints that Jimmy and Mike will most likely cross paths again (hopefully in the last episode).

Mike initially is sharing the job with three other guys, but in good old Mike fashion he beats up one of the guys (who deserved it in account for his frankly enormous stupidity) and scares the other guy away. Entertaining wise, it is probably the most enjoyable scenes of the episode. Mike is obviously always the smartest guy in the room, and it’s always a treat to see him put someone in their place. Mike’s job turns out to be a money/drug exchange with Nacho, a familiar face from Tuco Salamanca’s gang, although this deal is done without Tuco’s knowledge (which I feel like is going to end up being important somehow).

The real big event in this episode in terms of Jimmy and his story line is when Chuck wants to get help from HHM, saying that the case is too big for only the two of them to take on. Jimmy begrudgingly agrees and they both go to HHM where Chuck is greeted with a very nice reception. Everything seems to be going fine in terms of collaborating on the case until Howard tells Jimmy that he can’t work with the firm on the case. Jimmy initially refuses to give the case up to Howard on those terms and tells Howard how he really feels about him (he miraculously gets the F-word in there somehow).



Kim comes over to tell Jimmy to give Howard the case. After saying some pretty harsh things to Kim (which he will hopefully apologize to her for in the next episode) and spending the night thinking, Jimmy figures out why Howard wouldn’t let him be on the case, and it’s because Chuck told Howard to. Jimmy confronts Chuck about this and this is when it all comes out from Chuck, and he basically crushes any thoughts Jimmy had about Chuck being proud of him. Chuck tells him that he’s not a real lawyer, probably the harshest thing that Chuck could say to him. It’s such a crucial and heartbreaking scene, especially since we know that Jimmy really cares about Chuck and looks up to him as a brother and a lawyer. Those are the reasons that definitely makes this the start of the turning point for Jimmy, when his transition into Saul Goodman really begins.

As I suspected, this episode brought a lot more than last week’s did. While I was hoping that Jimmy and Mike’s paths would cross at the end of this episode, it’s clear that something will bring them together in the last episode. It’s also good that the rift in Jimmy and Chuck’s relationship happened in this episode since there are still a few loose ends that could (and should) be addressed in next week’s episode (like the flashbacks at the beginning of the first episode and the whole thing with Tuco Salamanca’s gang). All in all, next week’s episode is probably going to be intense. And I for one am so ready to see Jimmy become Saul Goodman (and I will be very surprised if that does not happen next week).

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