Better Call Saul 1×02 ‘Mijo’: “I’m the best lawyer ever.”


Well Better Call Saul doesn’t waste anytime in bringing us a new episode, which is a nice treat due to last night’s cliffhanger. These first two episodes are very important in the show grabbing viewers and maintaining them and the writers know it. It’s a smart move to throw out the first two episodes back to back; it gives the viewers a good amount of what to expect from future episodes and leaves them wanting more. So while we wait for more, let’s continue talking about Better Call Saul.

This episode starts just about where the last episode leaves off. We see what happens before Jimmy is brought into the old lady’s house with the two skater guys who mouthed off to the wrong dude. I didn’t realize until the end of the episode that that dude is Tuco Salamanca from the first season of Breaking Bad (I believe he was Walter White’s first adversary). Most of the episode focuses on Jimmy sweet talking his way out of the whole Tuco Salamanca situation which is pretty darn entertaining. It’s clear that we’re going to see a lot more of Jimmy perfecting his BSing skills throughout the series, but he is already very good at it (as seen exponentially in this episode). I mean, he manages to convince a slightly insane and angry drug dealer to go from killing the two skater guys to only breaking one of their legs. That’s pretty impressive.



While saving his own life and the lives of the two skaters (who he easily could have left to die), he’s still deeply affected by the events of the day. Even though he’s used to dealing with the scum of the earth, it’s clear that some of the stuff he finds himself involved in does take its toll. Jimmy increasingly becomes more of an interesting character (and it’s only the second episode). For someone who defends people who have done some pretty horrible things (see the beginning of the pilot episode), he doesn’t seem completely cut out for the criminal lifestyle, even though those are the people that he deals with on a regular basis. It’s also clear that he has some morals, as seen when he convinces Tuco not to kill the two skaters. The transition of Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman will be the thing to anticipate and look forward to as this season progresses, since build-up seems to be the name of the game so far.

It’s interesting how the show as of now only reveals a bit of information at a time about certain pivotal characters in the show. We still don’t really know why Jimmy’s brother, Chuck, makes anyone who comes into his house “ground” themselves, which involves leaving their cellphones and any other pocket items in his mail box. It’s evident that Chuck is averse to technology; there’s no electricity in the house, an ice cooler serves as his refrigerator, and he can’t even bring himself to pick up Jimmy’s cellphone with his hands. I’m sure this information will be revealed in scattered increments throughout the season, it’s a good strategy to leave the viewers guessing and to keep them watching.



The last third of the episode is a nice little montage of Jimmy getting into his groove and picking up a bunch of public defender cases at the local court. While it’s not super thrilling, it’s pretty entertaining and builds up a good momentum that lasts until the final scene of the episode. It looks like Jimmy is going to get wrapped up even more with Tuco Salamanca and his gang which should lead to interesting things. I like how already the show has brought in two Breaking Bad characters (besides Saul/Jimmy) without fully revealing how each one is going to play a role in the rest of the season. As just mentioned, Jimmy will most likely cross paths with Tuco yet again, but Mike’s constant appearance as the parking lot attendant at the court house is still quite vague. It’s good build up, though. I have a feeling that whatever event brings Mike and Jimmy together will be something quite dramatic and life-changing for the both of them. Which probably means that it won’t happen until the end of the season. Figures.

So far the show has done well in bringing in flashes of Breaking Bad but still establishing new and important characters to allow the show to stand on its own two feet (which it does). It’s impressive seeing as there have only been two episodes so far and yet there’s been a lot revealed already that will most likely play a large part in the finale of the season. It’ll be interesting to see where they decide to place the flash-forwards that will undoubtedly come back in future episodes. My one worry is that they will take too much away from the present storyline, but the writers seem to know what they are doing so far. With a strong premiere and a decent second episode to follow, it looks like that Better Call Saul will continue with the strong momentum it’s built and will hopefully follow through with more interesting character and plot development.

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