Bachelor in Paradise 1×06 ‘Week 5′: The final countdown

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What a journey!  This was the second-to-last episode and at end, we were left with a cliff-hanger: there won’t be another rose ceremony, or any more new arrivals.  However, the remaining couples will be put to the test.  But how?  I have no idea, though I’m tempted to find spoilers.  Let’s recap though, shall we?

Two guys left this week: Jesse and Brooks.  Now, we all now Jesse was a big fat jerk.  Brooks, on the other hand, was actually a really nice and funny guy.  I think his problem was twofold, though: he came in late to the game, and the one girl he did get a date with (Jackie) already had eyes for someone else (Clare’s former flame, Zack).

At the end of the episode, we were left with the following couples: Marcus and Lacy (duh), Graham and AshLee (still don’t know why but whatever), Cody and Michelle (two sweet people), Robert and Sarah (but for some reason I’m not feeling the chemistry), Zack and Jackie (semi-new), Tasos and Christy (super new).  I thought it was awesome that Michelle, Lacy and Christy confronted Jesse about his man-whore-ness before he decided to leave on his own.  I’ve since read interviews with him both apologizing and denying anything happened; either way, it’ll be awhile before anyone wants to date him.  Brooks will find someone for sure.

Without Clare and her animal friends, Kalon and his quips, Lucy’s nudity, four-eyed eye candy Marquel and not an ambulance in sight, this week was actually relatively boring.  I’m interested to see what happens next, even though it’s a little disappointing that the season is so darn short.


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