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So this week’s Baby Daddy sort of seemed meh to me. I wasn’t enthralled by anything that was going on. Which is a bummer because I campaigned hard for the pregnancy to take more time than anything.

Not too long ago Danny was all about the baby. He was reading the books and doing TOO much. Ben of course already a dad who learned with a more hands on approach told him to toss the book – great advice. Only now Danny seems to be overwhelmed even more so since he passed out at lamaze class. With that Tucker stands in and gives us a look into a past breakup when an ex from high school pops up in said class, and he fakes it to make it saying Riley is his baby mama. Of course he couldn’t stop there. He HAD to create an elaborate life for himself.


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Meanwhile Bonnie had some cruise tickets that she and Brad obviously can’t use. After some mix ups and whatnot, it turns out that she’s taking one of her sons with her for the week-long adventure on the sea. I know they are a pretty tightknit family, but I don’t know about a grown man spending a week on a boat with his mom. Of course they both agree with me, and neither want to go…so a series of games go down, but in the end Ben’s the real loser because well…we’ll get to that.

Did anyone else think that Tucker was going to cave in the end when it turned out his ex was lying just as much as he was? I did. I was like, could this be the girl we’ve been waiting for in Tucker’s life? Will he ever get that girl? It’s obvious that Ben’s waiting for Elle to pop back up, but we’ve never really focused too heavily on Tucker’s love life. Perhaps in the end of all of this (not to say this show is ending soon), he’ll be more stable in his career than in love since that’s always been the rockiest place for him. Which, shouldn’t he be looking for work instead of at lamaze? Ugh, I love shows set in NYC but at the same time it’s annoying as hell to see these people and continuously wonder how their rent is being paid.

Next week it looks like we’ll see Riley and Danny on that cruise…yeah, they got the tickets, while Ben had to spend the week with his mom…at home.

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