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Baby Daddy 6×06 ‘The Third Wheeler’: Seduction


As we get older, a lot of things change around us. Our focus switches gears and we often times lose touch with people. Not because we don’t want them in our lives anymore, but because our own lives shifted gears and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to fit everything in. We saw that this week as Riley and Ben realized they literally had no idea what the other had been up to lately. Wanting to change that they had to battle overprotective Danny. While they were trying to reconnect, Bonnie was trying to prove Brad’s innocence.

Danny has found his new passion in life; protecting the hell out of a preggers Riley. Which, I get. They say the first child is the one you can lose your mind over simply because you have no clue what you’re doing. So you do just about EVERYTHING those parenting books tell you. This is fine for some, but it’s driving Riley a little crazy, especially since she’s got some insecurities about being a mother. Insecurities she can only talk to Ben about, only they haven’t really talked in some time.


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Realizing they hadn’t been as much a part of one anothers lives as they used to, Ben and Riley seek out to reconnect. Unfortunately that comes with Danny. It didn’t seem like he was jealous of those two hanging out again, although I wouldn’t blame him if there was some of that in the back of his mind. He just wants to be a super parent, while his girl is scared she’ll never be as great a mom as Danny will be a dad. Which, as normal as it is to go overboard with your first…it’s even more normal to be scared out of your mind. Parenting isn’t just buying cute clothes and naming another human being. It’s legit about raising someone who will one day be a part of society. You don’t want to mess that up. Talk about responsibility.

Again, I was full of complaints when this season began and there was little to no baby talk but I am happy to see we’ve finally gotten there. I was also happy with this whole growing apart storyline between Ben and Riley, because it was as real as the parenting mentalities of the expecting parents. While those were great aspects of realistic parts of growing up, we did get our zany side of the show with Tucker and Bonnie pulling a mission to save Brad from jail. Didn’t seem like it worked out, but I was too focused on Ben, Riley and Danny to care about Bonnie’s seducing chest moves.

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