Baby Daddy 6×05 ‘When Elle Freezes Over’: OMFG


Okay so we’re only five episodes into season six of Baby Daddy. It seems like it’s been months since we began and in that time I felt like they’d forgotten all about the baby. In my defense they did seem to kind of put the latest Wheeler on the back burner for a few weeks, but finally last week and especially this week it’s apparent that Riley is expecting! Also, remember when we were in a constant state of frustration when it came to Ben-Riley-Danny? Well that seems to be back only with just Ben…and this Elle character.


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In a very How I Met Your Mother turn, Baby Daddy ended their fifth season with Ben seeing his so called “perfect” girl a few times. Then we opened this season with more missed connections with those two, and of course came tonight’s episode which was the most annoying of the bunch. Not annoying in that I am tired of of this already, but in that I am just overwhelmed with watcher’s anxiety that Ben keeps missing this girl. Please tell me this only lasts this season. Look at how long we had to suffer with Riley choosing between the brothers. I can’t take again for too long. Maybe Emma will learn to string something helpful together to clue her dad in.

Oh yeah so anyways yeah…Elle was back as Bonnie’s latest client and while she wanted to set her up with Ben, what’s her face from Victorious was back. Thankfully it didn’t work out with Sam, but sadly Ben never realized that Elle was in fact the Liz that his mom kept trying to get him to meet. Will Bonnie ever find the picture of Elle on her phone to set Ben on the right path? Will we have to see Sam again? Also, since I’m rambling on with questions, what happened to our other “perfect” girl who Ben helped through labor…maybe she and her baby daddy are no more.

Anyways, to go back to the start – I am happy that the pregnancy is a thing now. Danny’s teammates threw him some sort of a shower, and Riley is hilariously eating for two. I think the next time I have a second (or third) bowl of cereal or am eating Easter candy in the store, I am going to just use that preggers excuse. Seems to work fine.

So let’s take some bets. How long will it take Ben to find Elle?

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