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Baby Daddy 6×03 ‘Ben Rides a Unicorn’: Hooked


What is even going on this season with Baby Daddy? In the years that have led to this point we’ve gotten really emotional with Riley and Danny but now it’s like they aren’t even expecting an actual child, basically NO ONE cares Riley is pregnant as Bonnie’s still making Tucker her partner in crime, and Ben’s worried about a hook up gone serious.

I’m a little peeved that we’re not taking this pregnancy seriously yet. Barely mentioned in slight passing for the third week in a row, it’s like they don’t want us to care that the couple we cared on and off about over the past five seasons isn’t going to add another kid to the mix. Okay? Why the hell not? It’s just weird to have that amazing finale moment with the pacifier proposal and then nothing when we came back. No baby shopping, no name picking…NOTHING. What we do have though it comedy from Bonnie and Tucker.


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A great pair, as always, Bonnie and Tucker try and take down a wrestler that Bonnie thinks she took out of the game years ago when Danny’s chance to be a Ranger was supposedly on the line. Turns out that the wrestler was cut WAY before Bonnie banged him, and that everything was a misunderstanding. While a silly plot, Tucker stabbing himself with a muscle relaxer gave way to constant laughs from that point on.

Then there was Ben, who was trying too hard to find a girl who would hook up with no strings attached. While he may’ve found one, Riley got in his head about games women always play. This of course caused Ben to get a little crazy with the girl. What’s weird is that…there are plenty of women out there who definitely want to just show up at 11pm, do this and that, and then head out. In my opinion, every girl needs that stage in their life. It’s freeing. Trust. I had mine, and you should have yours. Here I feel Riley was butting in where she didn’t need to. Which seems to be a theme, as last week we saw Ben doing the same thing to Tucker and his call girl.

Back to the baby growing in Riley since I see m to be one of the few people actually concerned…why aren’t we seeing more about this pregnancy? Are we going to be met with a tragic loss perhaps? This show is of course a comedy first and foremost but every laugh has to be balanced with some sorrow…

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