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Baby Daddy 6×02 ‘Pro and Con’: Pretty woman


Things got real between Ben and Tucker after one thinks the other is dating a lady of the night. Speaking of real, Brad finds himself in some real trouble with the law. Also, has anyone noticed that Riley and Danny’s baby is not as big a deal as it should be?

After Tucker reveals where he met his latest girl, Ben automatically believes she’s a hooker. Getting Danny involved in the mystery only puts an even worse taste in Tucker’s mouth about the accusations, but of course after Ben practically ruins his best friend’s chance with Kiki…we see that Tucker was actually hurt. I have two thoughts about this…

One, was Tucker really okay with dating a call girl? It didn’t seem like it even after Ben tried to fix it because he then had a whole new girl by the end. Two, right now Tucker is at a low point in his life and if dating this chick was a glimmer of positivity – Ben should’ve been okay with it. If you’ve ever been the Tucker of your crew, you know how hard it is to watch those around you continue to succeed while you’re barely holding your head above water. Ben and Danny both have their respective little families and own a nice bar, while Tucker failed at his dream career out west. In the end, Ben should’ve just kept to himself and let Tucker be.


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Oh yeah, I was about to go into Danny and Riley’s baby and almost forgot about Brad and Bonnie. First though, did anyone catch who played the D.A.? That was the third woman to step into the Yellow Ranger role! Okay, back to the show…Brad is locked up and while Bonnie almost walked away from him, and he was about to let her go – they realized how much they really do love each other. Who knew Bonnie Wheeler would wind up with the most sincere relationship on this show?

Now let’s talk about that baby because someone has to. I get they probably don’t want to focus every single minute on this pregnancy BUT we spent how many seasons watching Danny love this girl from afar, Riley go between brothers and so forth and so on? So I feel like we are at a point where we deserve more from a new baby on the way. I feel like when The Big Bang Theory wound up introducing a pregnancy into the mix, they did a great job at balancing that with the rest of the stories that occurred in their realm. Baby Daddy though, it’s like…well, let’s acknowledge it once or twice in passing. And who is doing that? Riley. It’s like Danny forgot he’s about to be a dad. I mean this week he chased down a hooker mystery. One can only hope they start to care about this kid at some point…

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  • Paul Notley

    “Who knew Bonnie Wheeler would wind up with the most sincere relationship on this show?” Well considering that Danny Wheeler is less a real character than an erotic fantasy on legs, and that the show is too cheap to give Ben a real relationship, probably everyone should have.