Baby Daddy 6×01 ‘To Elle and Back’: Dirty dog


You know your life has taken a preoccupied turn when you totally forget the premiere of Baby Daddy. Not just any premiere, THE premiere that comes after Riley announcing she was pregnant, and Tucker saying adios to New York. Which also, wasn’t Danny supposed to be dealing with a major career choice?

So no surprise here but Tucker didn’t last long in LA. After two months he was back, but very hush hush about the reason. All we know is that that west coast didn’t treat him well, and now he’s sort of lost on what to do with his life other than to of course confide in Emma about his biggest, darkest secrets. He better watch out there because while she’s only saying one word right now (too adorable, right?), she’ll be speaking a hell of a lot more sooner than later.

Photo Source: Freeform

Photo Source: Freeform

What do you think happened out west with Tucker? Honestly, I think he just messed up in a horrendous way, couldn’t face the humiliation and booked the first flight home. Of course it can’t be as simple as that and I’m sure it’s not SO big that we have to wait until the end of this season to find out. What we may have to wait on though it Ben and this Elle girl.

When Riley was between Danny and Ben, I flipped back and forth so much I looked like a gymnast in training. Now though, I am 100% happy with who she’s with because Ben’s a lot of things, but a great guy when it comes to women? Not so much. In order to find the drycleaner girl – he winds up sleeping with her friend and the friend of a friend. Not a really great start in a new relationship…even an imaginary one.

Always the gullible one, I really thought her friends were spilling some truth when they said this mystery girl Ben swears he’ll marry had moved away. I thought, well damn…that’s a bummer. Maybe he can try for the thousandth time with Amy. You remember, the preggers girl from last season who we came to realize was not about Ben. So yeah, she’s still in New York and Ben has absolutely no idea. I feel like that whole thing is shifting towards How I Met Your Mother, whereas we’re getting true blue Baby Daddy with everything else.

Photo Source: Freeform

Photo Source: Freeform

When I remembered this had come back I thought, OMG WHAT IS TO COME OF RILEY AND DANNY? That’s who I wanted to see. I needed to see if the baby was okay, how far along she was, if they were going to move. Instead we found out Riley’s OBGYN was dead, her baby was going to be HUGE and that Danny may’ve chosen to stay with the Rangers do their current situation. We better get more on that, and Riley better start showing soon!

Bonnie was also having some drama as Brad wanted nothing more than to take her on that global trip. Remember she was down to do this, but then there was the announcement of a new grandchild on the way and she changed her mind….almost completely. She did agree to go away for a long weekend. I get where she was coming from, but it sucks that Brad has to give up what he wanted. Guess that comes with the territory of being married. Do you think Brad will eventually get fed up with this marriage?

So much to look forward to this season, a potential new baby, Ben perhaps meeting “the one” and finding out why the hell Tucker didn’t quite make it in LA. Plus, we got the big 100th episode coming up! See you next week!

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