Baby Daddy 5×20 ‘My Fair Emma’: Baby on Board


Now that I’ve stopped crying, let’s talk about the summer finale of Baby Daddy and why this is a very underappreciated show. Shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory get all the buzz because they are on the big channels. I mean, yes – they are greatly written shows that stand the test of time and will go on to live in syndication forever, but that’s not to say Baby Daddy is not. While it may not have the ratings as shows on NBC or CBS, this show does what those do in terms of storytelling and character growth – and that should be celebrated. Here we are at the end of season five of a show where we’ve watched bachelors struggle to take care of a baby left on their doorstep, a girl next door battle her heart and mind when it came to brothers, and a bit of an insane mom with a passion for the bedroom settle her ways. Tonight we entered a whole new chapter as we finally seen them all hit that pinnacle moment of growth that makes you feel like you’re watching your kid’s first step or hearing their first word.

Without growth, life would be static and that’s no way to live. You need to shake things up in order to move on. Moving on was at the core of this finale as we Ben stand on his own two feet as he watched his friends and family enter new chapters of their lives. I think Ben from just a few seasons ago would not have been ready to be on his own with Emma, but after watching him give up Riley and break it off with Sam – I’m confident he’s the man he was always supposed to be. No longer a bright-eyed kid with a kid of his own. He’s a parent, a man. With that, I think he’ll be fine, and who knows what’s to come with this girl he kept on running into. Didn’t you think it had a How I Met Your Mother vibe going on with all of that?


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So Ben had to urge his loved ones to go on with their lives because each of them had the opportunity to do so. Tucker landed a job in Los Angeles – which I know we have to be happy for him, but personally if this means him being MIA for a couple of episodes next season; not happy. He’s the comedic glue of this cast. Without him this show would contain less laughs…The same goes for Bonnie. She’s off to see the world with Brad. After he came back a hippy of sorts, Bonnie was scared her marriage was over. Thankfully he ditched the beard but not the free spirit and now they’re on their way to a new adventure.

Speaking of, I TOLD YOU it was going to be Riley whose test was wrong. When she got on her knee and pulled that pacifier, I lost it. Tears were welling up, sniffles were a plenty – I’m sure that was the case for most of you. Some may not like adding another baby to the mix, but this is a young, successful couple and I think this was the perfect time for them to expand on the cast. Plus, how cute is Riley’s maternity clothing going to be? Girl’s style is consistently on point. As for them heading to Canada, it’s not that far from New York…right? I feel like the show can play around with each of these characters going their own ways for awhile, but eventually they have to come back to the place we know them best at.

As we wrap this season, I honestly am looking at everything and want another 20 episodes now. After that, I think they could wrap up this show and end on a high. If they wanted to continue on to a seventh season, I wouldn’t be mad, but I feel we’re at that point where you want to be with characters where they’re so close to the finish line, they just need one more lap to push through. Anyways, what did you think of this finale and season as a whole? Right now I am going to go and continue to be ecstatic about Riley and Danny’s news!

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  • Paul Notley

    First off, Vancouver is on the opposite side of the continent from New York. I hope you were joking about that. Second, this is a show where Ben makes the difficult correct decision about romance and each time ends up with nothing. Seriously, he’s done this four times: agreeing that if there was no Riley he would try to work with Angela, taking a time out so Riley can think out her feelings, leaving Sam to be with Zoey and leaving Sam when she said she didn’t want children. Meanwhile, his brother, who has every advantage over him except intelligence gets one lucky break after another. Bad luck consistently screws over his brother, he manages to undermine their relationship while being absolved of any intention of doing so, he even rejects Riley but she still wants him anyway. He chases her away, his brother gets her back. They both end up in relationships with other people, Ben’s actions conveniently break them apart. He deceives his own brother and everybody takes his side. Even with all this, he needs his brother to finally seal the deal. And when he and Riley have a quarrel everyone takes his side. He finally gets her back, not by his own efforts, but because she realizes she’s wrong. And a couple of weeks after a split which does not really attest to their strength of their relationship, he gets her forever because his niece perforated his condom. Also, Riley Perrin is the one sexually active unmarried woman in Manhattan who doesn’t use birth control. I’m sorry, but if you don’t want to sleep with Derek Theler, this is the least romantic relationship.ever.

    They are not a charming couple, because the relationship is fundamentally unequal. The whole idea is that because Danny loved Riley when she was fat and unpopular she should be pathetically grateful to him. And if she isn’t, she’s an ungrateful bitch. Despite his line about looking into her heart, he shows little insight into Riley, and shows no initiative, runs no risks and makes no sacrifices. And oh, nothing solves an unstable relationship than unplanned pregnancy. Chemistry is a subjective thing, but how does Danny have more with Riley than Ben? It says a lot that in the second half of the season rather than showing Danny and Riley are a loving couple, they’ve kept Riley and Ben apart so the contrast doesn’t embarrass Danny. (There are ten episodes, one has Ben and Riley together, three they have brief conversations and in six they don’t talk at all)

    • klutzy_girl

      Wow, you’re so fundamentally wrong about all of this I don’t even know where to start.

      • Paul Notley

        You don’t know where to start? Well let’s begin at the beginning. I said Ben made the right choice on four difficult decisions and got nothing for his troubles. Did he not make those choices? Did he somehow win the lottery as a consequence of those choices, and we all forgot about it? Were these choices actually the wrong ones? Did Danny make comparable choices and suffer comparably? We can start there. Then we can discuss why Danny, instead of simply stop sleeping with other women and telling Riley his feelings, has to get his way by his brother constantly kneecapped by the show.

    • Kendra Beltran

      Thanks for pointing out where it was in Canada. My bad. I really have no clue what’s up there besides Degrassi. And I think Riley and Danny are an endearing couple and in all honesty – it’s all subjective. But thank you for reading and giving me a new perspective on the relationships on the show!