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Baby Daddy 5×19 ‘Condom Conundrum’: Close call?


Celebrating my future baby daddy’s birthday last night, I missed my OG Baby Daddy. So I got up this morning totally having forgotten the whole poked condoms thing and was surprised as hell to see that no one was pregnant – or so we think? Of course the guys didn’t come clean, the girls found out and then messed with them. All the while Bonnie had a new thing to deal with – Riley’s horrendous assistant who is in love with her.

Dudes, if you find out your condoms are in any way broken – TELL YOUR GIRL! They are the ones whose body is going to be taking a toll for the next nine months. Nine months, that’s practically a whole freaking year almost of a human living inside of you. Some girls may want to know if their womb is about to be a biological AirBnB. Did the guys think of that? Nah, well Danny kinda did but of course Tucker and Ben were against the truth and with that came the girls finding out thanks to Bonnie, and then acting like they each had some of the tell tale signs of pregnancy. Reckless, all of these characters are pure cases of recklessness at times.


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While I’m not too sure where Tucker and his girl stand, I did not see the breakup between Ben and Sam coming over this – especially with it being Ben doing the breaking. A few seasons ago I think he would’ve been okay with the fact that a girl in his life didn’t want kids. He had one, what was the big deal? But over time we’ve seen this guy actually mature in grand ways. He gave up Riley, and this week he told Sam she had to go due to the fact that she didn’t want kids and that she’d eventually “deal with” the idea of having Emma around. Then there’s Riley and Danny. I think Bonnie’s comment about not being able to tell if you’re pregnant that early was a huge clue as to where we’re being led for the finale, and I sure hope Riley is the one with a bun cooking. Emma needs a playmate!

The idea of having a baby out of nowhere is something everyone who is sexually active fears. A kid changes your whole outlook on life, your plans for your future – hell, your plans for the next day. Going into season six, I hope we can shake it up with a new unexpected baby Wheeler.

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  • klutzy_girl

    They are so building up to a Riley pregnancy in the finale and I’m loving all the foreshadowing we’re getting (instead of the usual one episode surprise that’s annoyed me for years). Plus, Ben’s in the hospital in the promo for next week and that’s the perfect place to find out! It makes so much sense.

    I can’t wait for next week.