Baby Daddy 5×18 ‘She Said, Ben Said’: Oops!


Can we just get to next week to see what will come of Emma playing “Poke the Condom?” I don’t know how I feel about Baby Daddy other than, feeling antsy about fast forwarding a week in time. Riley and Danny are back together and now think they are the super couple of all couples with the most insight on how to make things work – huh…they wound up almost costing Ben his new found relationship with Sam. Meanwhile we finally saw Tucker and Bonnie take their relationship to the next level, only in a comical way.

Now that Riley and Danny are back together, they’re kind of boring. Not in a bad way. I love couples that are comfortable with one another. That’s how I am. I absolutely love staying home, laying on the couch and cuddling while watching Frasier with my boyfriend. It’s become my favorite place in the world and I feel like that’s Riley and Danny. Yeah, they had that two-month fight but now they’re comfortable and that’s likely why the felt it necessary to but into another relationship. I mean, I LOVE to give advice about dating to people – it’s just that I’m rarely asked. Anyways, I loved how they were both dishing out the wrong thing to Ben and Sam. Perhaps that’s because I don’t see those two being a lasting pair.


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Stepping away from those four, Tucker has a new lady in his life; Renee. The only problem was that she worked for his dad AND because of Bonnie, they thought his dad was in love with his new girl. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and Renee was more understanding than a lot of women have been on this show when one of the guys make a minimal mistake. Speaking of mistakes…Emma went and poked a lot of holes in a lot of condoms at the beginning of the episode and come the end, all three guys got their protection from the same batch.

We’re getting to it right away come next week thanks to “Condom Conundrum,” but with that – that’s the second to the last episode. Will this show lead us into a major cliffhanger going into the sixth season? I sure hope so because while I have my qualms with this show at times, it really is one of the funnier sitcoms out there. It takes you back to why 90’s shows about friends were fun, and showcases that they didn’t all have to have these serious undertones all the freaking time. Anyways, what do you think is going to come of this whole ordeal? I feel like because Tucker rarely has a girl stick around long – Renee will not be the one with a major scare. So that leaves the Wheelers. If this had happened any time within the first few seasons – I would say both were off the hook BUT we’re heading into the sixth season and we’ve seen these characters grow in ways both on grand and minimal scales – so perhaps another baby in the mix may be the next step.

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