Baby Daddy 5×17 ‘The Love Seat’: Chair-reem Abdul Jabbar


FINALLY! Our favorite ship has docked, and another ship that I’m sure will be sinkin’ soon on Baby Daddy. Riley realized she didn’t have to always be right thanks to a Toddlers and Tiaras meltdown, and Ben finally got the girl of his 16-year-old dreams. There are only a few episodes left in this season though. With that, will the Wheelers brothers be able to hold onto the so called women of their dreams as we head into a season finale?

The guys find a chair on the side of the road and due to its size, it fails to make its way into the apartment. In the hall, it becomes the center of attention for mistaken love notes as Ben is confused about who his secret admirer is, and Danny takes a chance thinking Riley wants to get back together. It’s one of those classic sitcom scenarios that prove, if it’s not broke – don’t fix it. Anyways, turns out Sam likes, well liked Ben until he went and made out with another girl. So to prove how sorry he was – he dressed as a cheerleader and did a whole routine and everything. Side note, I want to talk about that chair really quick. New York City has such a high rate of bed bugs that them even touching that chair made me sick. Back to Ben and Sam. They’re giving things a go, but I honestly believe this is a fling and nothing serious. Hey! Don’t give me that look. We all know how Ben is. Plus, there’s still the idea of Zoe aka the girl he should be with. Because come on, have we even seen Sam take to Emma in any sort of way?

baby-daddy-the-love-seat-Speaking of Emma, it was all thanks to her that her uncle for his girl back. Tucker wanted to expose those child beauty pageants and thanks to Riley wanting to win for herself and having a complete freak out in front of everyone – she learned that being right all the time and having to win isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Thankfully she came to her senses and just laid a big smackeroo on Danny. So they’re back together and unlike Ben and Sam, I feel like these two will make it past the season five finale credits in a few weeks.

Kendra Beltran

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  • Paul Notley

    There is so much about how the show relentlessly mistreats Ben it’s just appalling. I suppose I should wait until the season finale for a larger rant. But do people who want Zoey back have any idea what is actually romantic? “First, let’s find some reason to break Ben with Sam, so the entire season will be a joke at his expense. Just like the previous season! Then we bring Zoey back. Wasn’t she going to marry the father of her child? Not a problem. We can have her say ‘He’s dead. He was killed by ISIS. And we should be together because nothing says romance more than you being my second choice’.”

    • Kendra Beltran

      Zoe’s been my favorite girl for Ben so far. I couldn’t stand Sam. Maybe it’s because I just don’t particularly like the actress from a former role.