Baby Daddy 5×16 ‘Double Date Double Down’: Boiling bunnies


Just last week Riley was all about going all in with Ross on Baby Daddy. This week? Yeah, she’s over that just as much as Ben is over his fantasy fling with his former biology teacher Ms. Gilcrest. The two band together to get rid of their older lovers but in the grand scheme of thing wound up proving why they do not belong with mature partners. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Tucker decided to bet against Danny when it came to hockey. They may have a problem on their hands…

We didn’t even get more than a week out before Riley was over things with Ross. It was all fine and dandy when she thought they were keeping things casual, but once she learned he’d told not only the office about their rekindled romance AND his mother – she was over it. Which, you kind of understand because if you want casual and then they go and start talking about taking you to Thanksgiving dinner…things can get awkward. Which is exactly what Ms. Gilcrest did when she told Ben about her plans for marriage, “hypothetically,” and kids. Now, that was creepy. Imagine hooking up with someone one night, and them mentioning marriage the next day? While I think their older partners were moving things a bit fast, the way Ben and Riley reacted to get rid of them was immature to the tenth degree. I loved that their plans backfired in a way and Ross and Ms. Gilcrest found solace in one another. They made a better couple anyway BUT was anyone worried Riley and Ben would get back together? I was for a second. I could not handle us heading back into that triangle. Also, side note – how cute is Emma not that she can pop out a word here and there?


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Of course we couldn’t leave without talking about Bonnie and Tucker. With Brad still away, Bonnie is upset and when she gets upset – she spends insane amounts of money on any and everything that comes into her sight. That’s when Tucker’s there to offer some advice – bet against her own son. They know he’s not that great on the ice and they also know he’s starting…so what could go wrong? You would’ve thought they learned their lesson when they finally lost in the end but nope. Unfortunately this is one of those things I don’t think we’ll see play out come next week. What we will get though, more of Danny and Riley likely staying away from one another even though we know they need to be together; someday.

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