Baby Daddy 5×15 ‘Unholy Matrimony’: Faking it


No one was in a real relationship tonight on Baby Daddy. Danny was set up with a rising star for publicity, Riley was back with Ross to get back at Danny and Ben was dating…Bonnie? Yeah, it was a weird night for everyone and in the end we still didn’t get our OTP back.

Another week, another heartbreak. Even though Danny’s new fling was fake at first, it turned too real by the end thanks to Riley laying a believable kiss on Ross. You know what though? I wasn’t buying it with her and Ross. Not at all. I mean, just a few minutes before that she was hinting at Ben that her new thing was all a ruse – so how are we to believe that she changed her mind THAT fast? Who cares if Danny is with some gorgeous actress right now? If we’ve learned anything about celebrities, it’s that their romances never last long. Unless they’re super old school but these young starlets? Yeah right. Cue the T. Swift.

Photo Source: Freeform

Photo Source: Freeform

On the flip side Ben decided it was a good idea to be married to his mom. This was one of the funniest/most disturbing plots they’ve had yet. While weird, it was an action that came from the heart. Who wouldn’t stand up for their mom after hearing some catty women talking crap about her behind her back? I mean, I don’t know how many of us would pretend to be her hot husband, but hey – his heart was in the right place. His mind…not so much. What I really didn’t like about this whole thing was that girl at the end who tossed him aside because of it. Really? She was standing there the whole time and heard why he was there with his mom, and didn’t think it was sweet. How rude. While weird, I would’ve just laughed about it and went out with him after I was done handling things on the carpet. Seriously though – would any of you reacted the way she did?

Back to Danny and Riley now. Because that is the core of this show’s existence right now and even though it’s always breaking our hearts. When will these two just shut up and make up? It’s clear they want to be together, but are dragging it on and in the meantime – they’re going to wind up hurting the two people they’re parading around with right now. Nonetheless, I do think Danny’s being true with his new girl. Riley on the other hand, she is faking it to the max with Ross; poor dude.

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