Baby Daddy 5×14 ‘Not So Great Grandma’: Emotional improv


Loni Anderson guest starred as the grandma from hell on this week’s Baby Daddy. Sorry, but I didn’t buy for one second that she was as great as Ben and Danny thought her to be. If there’s a reason a mother doesn’t want someone around their kids – there’s a dang reason. So I was on Bonnie’s side from the start. On the flip side Tucker and Riley were learning improv for their jobs, and sizzling from the heat.

With Emma having a family day at her preschool, Ben wants her to meet her great grandma. This makes Bonnie more than uneasy, but despite that fact – he goes and invites her anyways. My thing is, you had to have known this lady wasn’t good news if she was close enough to come out to this BUT never ever had any other contact with Emma before. That’s when I knew she couldn’t be all that sweet. Plus, it’s not like we were working with a woman that looked like a legit great grandma. Oh no, Loni Anderson is 70-years-old today and looks like she’s no more than 50. So GILF status. She of course acts like it too. Actually she and Bonnie could be the same person on paper, but then again – one is actually a good, supportive mother and the other well, the other is not the business.


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A little less serious, Tucker and Riley are both tanking at their jobs when off script so they take an improv class together. You know what, it only made me want to do that more. Yes, they are a little ridiculous and the idea of standing in front of strangers and acting like a piece of bacon scares me, but I’m reading Shonda Rhimes’ book right now and feel empowered to start doing things that strike a little fear in me. Anyways, Tucker and Riley aren’t horrible when on stage, it’s just that they can’t do anything without planning – missing the whole point of improv. Some people are just planners and cannot go with the flow…

What I’m sure we all loved about this episode though was the raw emotion of Bonnie when she let everyone know why her mother wasn’t so great. Turns out when she got pregnant in high school, her mom kicked her out, didn’t see Danny until he was four, called Ben another mistake and then said the “rotten apple doesn’t fall far” from the tree when she told her about Emma. Really? For those that felt Bonnie was being too harsh on her mother at the start, do you think she was justified? What I didn’t like though was grandma thinking everything was okay at the end, and then bailing to go meet some guy. No offense to Loni Anderson, but I’d be okay if that character never around again. Agree or disagree?

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