Baby Daddy 5×13 ‘High School Diplomacy’: Cheaters!


Man, I was out of town and stuck in a home that was not appreciating Baby Daddy. So here I am a couple days later trying to wrap my head around what I just watched. Riley and Sam are now best buds, and Bonnie and Ben have headed back to school? Plus, as always – Tucker is the comic anchor that holds this ship down.

With Danny and Riley taking a break – Sam has to find a new place, and apparently she wants to find a new job too. Um, I’ve seen the priced in New York City and no. I would not have given up my room like that if I were her. Plus, how much do lawyers make in the Big Apple that Riley doesn’t need a roommate – or does she? When she and Sam started to bond, I thought that they would wind up living together, and frankly I still do. Since we don’t have Zoe right now, the show needs to have more of a balance when it comes to the guys and gals and while Sam isn’t my ideal choice, she works for now. So she should just move her stuff right across the hall so that when Riley and Danny make up, she can just move back into Ben’s.

Photo Source: Freeform

Photo Source: Freeform

Yup, Sam and Riley wound up bonding over their distaste of Danny. This of course scared the hell out of him. I mean, what guy wants an old hook up and his recent ex/love of his life bonding over hating them? He then devises a plan to get them to breakup and while the blame for things goes back and forth – he comes out on top as a sweetheart. How mad would you have been if you saw them cut your prized hockey stick in half? Now that’s something to hold a grudge about – not your current boyfriend sleeping with someone in high school before you were even together.

While there was some female friendship blooming, we found out that both Ben and Bonnie didn’t graduate and that they both needed to pass one biology test to get their diploma. Tucker was as always helping Bonnie try and get ahead the cheater’s way, while Ben surprised most of us by studying, but then going back to the norm by making out with his former teacher. Which, let’s be real here – Jamie-Lynn Sigler does not appear old enough to have been Ben’s teacher at any point.

An okay episode with some pretty hilarious moments courtesy of Tucker, but I need something more. Give us some real drama and not this petty high school crap.

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