Baby Daddy 5×12 ‘Ben-Gemination’: Issues


This week’s Baby Daddy was a ten times better than last week’s, but I’m still not happy with how Riley and Danny are acting towards one another. I mean, they made a little progress but it’s still like, grow the heck up and get on with it. Meanwhile we got to see their mother’s duke it out with words, while Ben and Tucker took to the sperm bank.

Riley and Danny have to fake it when their friends’ engagement party they agreed to plan comes around. Any mature adult couldn’t made it through the party, and they almost got away with it but their mom’s let the cat out of the bag simultaneously embarrassing their kids while ruining the potential newlywed’s engagement. While these two fought and argued the entire time, they agreed to make it work as friends, for now. Of course it was Danny who added the for now aspect and with that, I think we’re in for more of this annoying breakup for the rest of this season.


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Back to the mothers. It’s clear they’re from different worlds and have never gotten along, but it was surprising to hear each of them take the other kid’s side. Riley’s mom Jennifer thought her daughter needed to let it go, and Bonnie thought since Danny did the crime, he had to do the time. Were you surprised by that too? I mean, those two were going at it the whole time and then, bam…they were rooting for the kid they did not bare. In the end, I was with Jennifer on this one. Riley needs to get over it. Like I noted last week, who you sleep with before you get together with your partner is not their business, and should not be a big deal in the here and now.

Being so focused on Riley and Danny, we almost forget this show has Ben sometimes. Well he was there and helping Tucker get closer to the girl who worked at the sperm bank by depositing his own while his bud talked up the receptionist. All went well until a couple picked Ben and he wanted to do just about anything to get his boys back. He did just that, causing Tucker to lose his new girl and in the end, he seemed to feel sort of bad about wanting to take the sperm back. Those who just have kids accidentally rarely realize how hard it is for some to conceive. While I think he should’ve calmed down and just let it be – I think he should’ve not donated in the first place with Emma in mind.

Strides better than last week, but still annoying as we deal with Riley and Danny not being able to grow up and resolve this seven-year-old bang.

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