Baby Daddy 5×11 ‘Trial by Liar’: Ding Dongs


So Freeform decided all we needed was a few short months to wonder what was to come of all the heartbreak that went down in April on Baby Daddy. Last we saw, Ben left a naked Sam to tell Zoe he wanted to be with her – only to find she’d gotten back together with her own baby daddy, and Riley learned that years ago Danny had hooked up with Sam – and she gave him back the “someday” necklace and all of our hearts simultaneously broke into a million little pieces. Well I’ve got some bad news, those pieces were not allowed to be collected and glued back together because while the show is back, the couples are not.

So Ben was a sleaze after Tucker said he should convince Zoe to pretend to date him just so he can be the one to dump her. I’m not even sure why. I mean, they live in New York City, it’s not like the whole town was going to flip out over her getting back together with the father of her kid over Ben. I thought that whole thing was stupid and unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. It was almost as dumb and a waste of time as Riley putting on a whole trail due to Danny breaking her heart over the whole Danny and Sam hooking up in high school thing.


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We’ve been waiting for what, two months now and this is what we got? A bunch of childlike productions from adults. Then in the end Riley was still not over something that happened almost a decade ago. I thought for sure when Ben took the stand, she’d realize how great Danny was for being okay with her dating his brother and being in love with him since forever. BUT NO. She had to be a drama queen about it, still. This better not last the whole rest of this season because it’s downright annoying. Danny was right, you don’t have to have feelings for someone to have sex with them. Plus, the past is the past and your significant other doesn’t have to tell you who they slept with before they were with you because all you two should really focus on is the now and what’s to come, not what has been.

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  • Paul Notley

    “Danny was right, you don’t have to have feelings for someone to have sex with them.” Isn’t that a bit disingenuous? Part of the reason Danny is, or was, or will eventually will be with Riley is that she didn’t trust Ben over his sexual past. For Riley sex is a way of forming intimate relationships. For Ben sex is increasingly empty without love. For Danny, sex consists of women throwing themselves at him for a decade in a classic example of having it both ways.