Baby Daddy 5×10 ‘Homecoming and Going’: Sinking ships…


This was the finale? This? Okay Baby Daddy writers, thanks for giving us all the hope and then taking it ALL AWAY. Ben finally realized who he wanted to be with, Bonnie and Brad had trouble in Peruvian paradise and drama even found its way into Riley and Danny’s life. So, if you need me – I will be sitting over here crying because I watched this and then read the spoiler for Arrow. Even though I don’t even care who died on that show, I am still a mess. TV characters – I care more about them than most real people.

Okay so Ben and Zoe spent the night together and while they didn’t do anything but actually sleep, it was sweet – sweet enough to make Sam look at Ben differently. Of course, now that someone else wants him, she’s all about him, right? Anyways, Sam invites him, Riley and Danny to her parent’s Hampton beach house for the weekend. We all could see Sam climbing into his bed naked, we could all guess he was going to pick Zoe but who didn’t see Zoe’s own baby daddy being in the picture when Ben ran back to the city to declare his feelings to her? Talk about awkward…Can we hope that he was only in town for the weekend visiting his son OR was the way he called her “honey” a sign that they aren’t just great co-parents.


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While I thought that was enough, we had to deal with Bonnie and Brad’s unfortunate connection when they were Skyping. She misheard him and thought he met someone new. Instead he just met someone with a private plan who could take him home to her. Unfortunately she had already gone out and tried to get over him with some weirdo who ended up taking one too many sleeping pills and passing out in her apartment. In the end Brad and Bonnie wanted to be together, but were on the wrong continents. To top this all off, Danny told Riley he never had feelings for Sam – turns out he did and they hooked up in high school once at a party, that happened to be on a home video at that Hampton house. Riley say, Riley cried, Riley gave Danny his necklace back and all of hearts broke.

Where do we go from here people? I can’t. I just can’t. If you need me I will be crying and watching the American Idol finale and feeling nostalgic…

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