Baby Daddy 5×09 ‘Stupid Cupid’: Cock-a-doodle-will-do


Riley is a gift from above on Baby Daddy. She did her best to get Ben and Zoe together, knowing how perfect they are for one another, and while she was playing matchmaker – Bonnie was ruining Danny and Tucker’s TV time.

I kind of lost hope in Ben and Zoe after Sam came into the picture and even more so when Ben laid it out to Riley that he’d been in love with Sam since he was 14 and that if he could get over her being with Danny, she could get over him wanting to be with Sam. It was at that moment, I really thought, NO! How could Ben and Zoe deny how great they’d be together? Other than being cute together, and him delivering her baby, and them being single parents – they love the same band and went to the same summer camp and first concerts. Hello, soul mates! Riley knew and while I doubted because of Sam…


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Meanwhile, Danny was thinking about his future and like many athletes – once your time playing is done, you turn to broadcasting. Instead of being a sportscaster, Bonnie lands her son a gig as a weekend weatherman. A job Tucker was excited about. Didn’t Tucker just give up a career in real estate because of her? Luckily though it all worked out in the end for both of them after an embarrassing but bright first day for Danny. He got his sports job and Tucker got to replace him with weather.

Back to Ben and Zoe though. When push came to shove, he was there for her son when a cough seemed to go from bad to worse. He knew exactly what to do and good parenting skills is what brought these two together in the end. Well, they kissed. Who knows what will happen when Sam returns from her weekend trip. Which, wouldn’t it kind of suck to live with your bosses? Like, you can never fake sick – ever. Just a random thought right now.

So what do you think about the future of Ben and Zoe? I for one am happy to see moving towards being a couple, but I just don’t know if we can trust him to be the best boyfriend. He seems easily distracted.

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  • Paul Notley

    OK, here’s why I don’t think Ben and Zoey would be a good couple. (1) The episode goes to some length to push the idea that they would be. But they do this by arguing that they are IDENTICAL. And great, or even convincing, couples, while having much in common with each other, are clearly not supposed to be copies of each other. To make the obvious point Riley and Danny aren’t really alike, and it’s a stretch to say that Riley has more in common with Danny than with Ben. (2) Adding to this point, Zoey actually is neither alike or complementary with Ben aside from the rather clumsily presented shared preferences. She is not amusing, impulsive, charming, loving, loyal, clever, devious or persistent. In fact, she doesn’t seem to have a personality at all. She’s just generic pretty benign unwed mother. (3) I am struck that in the last triangle he was in Ben lost to the man who took no initiatives, ran no risks and made no sacrifices supposedly because his love was so pure that Ben couldn’t possibly compete with him. In the new rigged triangle Ben is in, although he has known Sam for years, works with her, and is now living with her, he really should be with the new woman he just met and barely knows. This kind of manipulation has not become more convincing. Ben supposedly needs to learn the value of discipline and delayed gratification. But he supposedly should never have bothered with Riley at all, and in this case should give up with Sam and take the path of least resistance. Not only does Riley get a fantasy boyfriend, but Ben gets rapped on the knuckles for preferring the more attractive girl who might attract Riley’s envy. Is the message that Ben should show his maturity by choosing the dullest and most prosaic woman possible, that he should be grateful for the woman that no one else wants? This is like seeing a mouse work through a maze and being shocked every time he makes the wrong decision until he collapses at the pre-ordained end. I’m at a loss at why you would find this romantic.