Baby Daddy 5×08 ‘Room-mating’: Donuts are for closers!


Whenever people stop praising the likes of Girls and Modern Family, I really hope Baby Daddy gets on the comedy list. Melissa Peterman and Tahj Mowry are genius together, and luckily they were together a lot this week as he started working for her at her new real estate gig. While those two caused a lot of laughs, Ben caused too many headaches as he messed with his brother to what else? Get a girl.

Tucker is still feeling the pain of losing his dream job when Bonnie announces she just scored hers. She’s working at a fancy new real estate agency and needs an assistant. Tucker to the rescue and when he proves to be better at selling million dollar studios – she’s out the door and he’s promoted. How horrible would you feel if some kid with no passion for what you did just walked in and was 100 times better at it than you? I feel you Bonnie – I see young kids out of college taking all those writing jobs because they can Snapchat and I’m like, really? Years in the game and I’m still the bottom of the totem pole?


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On the other side of things, Danny was thinking about living with Riley but then let it go after Ben said not to rush into anything. That was of course until Sam needed a place to stay in the city and Ben wanted to give her Danny’s room. So the mind games to get his brother to move in with Riley began. Of course Sam having a boyfriend made Ben regret his decision but he regretted it even more when he thought he caused his brother and Riley to call it quits. Of course those two had figured out Ben’s evil plan and was just playing with him.

At first I didn’t understand why Tucker would be so willing to get fired from a steady job he was actually great at, then I thought again. He wants to be an entertainment reporter, something that involves creativity – not cold calling and faking a smile to sell studio apartments for a million bucks. Really though, New York…that’s ridiculous. It sucks because there are so many writing jobs there, but I could never afford to even stay a minute there, let alone live there. Anyways, I was glad to see Bonnie not give up, and Tucker either. He’s going after what he wants and that’s admirable. It was also admirable that Ben was willing to do whatever it took to get Danny and Riley back together…even though they were never apart. They got him too good in the end!

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