Baby Daddy 5×07 ‘The Return of the Mommy’: Cop Girl


Judging by the title, we all knew who was back this week and you had to be crazy to be happy about it. Emma’s mom was back in the picture and back to her old ways on Baby Daddy while Tucker feared his ex-boss was trying to take his life.

Ben is trying hard to get Emma a into a good preschool and when push comes to shove, he’s stuck relying on her now semi-famous mom to talk some sense into the best school in the city. The only catch is that the baby mama gets to spend an afternoon with the child she left behind. Simple, right? Only she was using her daughter for an interview with People Magazine about how she was a wonderful single mother. Really…really…that was low. I didn’t believe for one second it just got away from her. Yeah, right.

Elsewhere Tucker swore Mary Hart was out to kill him after his robe went missing and a chalk outline was on his floor. All because he wrote a blog about her not using either of their real names. I really thought it was that girl he’d been hooking up with. You know, the one with the horrendous voice. Instead it was Bonnie. While it wasn’t the best storyline we could’ve been given – at least it meant Tucker was on the screen and being hilarious.

There wasn’t too much going on in this episode, other than Bonnie trying to run the bar and the whole Ben and baby mama thing. Which, in the end did show us how much of a good dad Ben really is. He called off exposing his ex-hook up as a liar and his reasoning was the most mature thing we’ve seen him do. Way more so than finally letting go of Riley and letting her move on with Danny. Do you think he was right to let Emma find out about her mother abandoning her on her own terms? Also, would you have wanted a little cash from the chick with a TV job now? I would have.

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